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Woot Tracker - Project Competed

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Alright, I have finished the Woot Tracker Project. :)

I want to thank those individuals who suggested some names for my application. I finally settled on the release name for the project, it will now be referred to as Woot Watcher...
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Woot Tracker Update

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Success!! During this last week there was finally a Woot-Off. I was able to fully test the functionality of the tracker I created. And if worked flawlessly, don't you just love it when a plan comes together. :)...
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Woot Tracker Project Update

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Here is an update on the current progress...

I was doing a little research on Woot's forums and came across an interesting post that made this project a whole lot easier. Basically the post indicated that Woot had setup a XML document for use in creating trackers. Not only was the information as up to date as the Home page. There were...
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Woot Tracker Project update

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I decided to include some screen shots so that you can see my current progress. I know it looks ugly now, but I will polish the design once I get everything fully functional.

Here is a shot of tab 1. As you can see, I currently can download all the information needed to display the item picture, title, price, and description. Included is a quick...
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Woot Tracker Project

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Wow...I almost forgot I had a blog. Shows you how lazy I really am. ;)...
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