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Back to School

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Well it has been a while since I've posted anything here. So I guess I will give you all an update as to whats going on in my life.

Fall quarter has finally arrived and I am back in school. This will be the last quarter that I will be attending my current college before I transfer to ITT technical college for my 3rd and 4th year. So far it...
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Summer break makes me lazy...

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Oddly enough as summer break was coming up at school some time ago. I had all these ideas of projects that I was going to work on to keep myself busy during the break. Like putting in an automatic sprinkler in the yard and doing a bunch of work to the garden and yard that I have been putting off for sometime.

But since I have been on break, I...
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Summer Break is Here! However short it may be.

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Well as the title suggests I am currently on summer break from college. Yeah!! And I was very happy with my final grades in my classes. For those interested, I got an A in algebra and a B in English Comp, and I also got an A in C Programming II. Woohooo...very happy with those grades. Especially since the summer quarter is half the length...
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Well it is getting to be very busy for me lately. I am currently 1.5 weeks away from finishing summer quarter before I am finally on summer break. YEAH!
However, I have several final exams next week in English Comp, Algebra and C Programming. So naturally there is a lot of studing go on....But the good news is that after this quarter I only...
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Welcome to my Blog!

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Well I've never had a need for a blog before. But since I now have one, I guess I will have to come up with something wonderful to put in here. LOL

I will ponder the very essence of life to find something worthy of being in my blog. If I can't find anything....then I guess I will post a bunch of nonesense.

Either way, I am going to dive...
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