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The First Post (9/11/2013)

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Hello DIC! Akasen here once more to bring to you documentation on my ongoing work on Python. Prior to this, I was working in Python on a similar project with similar goals, but the process was altogether very complicated to me. I had a bunch of Classes spread across multiple files, multiple files in multiple folder. I was basically copying a tutorial on the net from a guy who decided midway in his tutorials to upgrade to Python 3 rather than stick to Python 2.7, the version of Python most tutorials and libraries seem to be written around.

So I won't show any code I have yet, I'll do that in a later post. I will describe my goals for this little project of mine so we all have an idea what I am going for here.

  • Create the basic framework for an RPG. The game will be a basic dungeon crawl to the end of the dungeon, where in which case the player completes the game
  • Further expand upon the basics to make a much more complex and challenging game whilst also gaining knowledge regarding how to program
  • Learn the basics of programming through this experience of blogging my struggles and listening to input from this community

I have relatively okay knowledge with programming just so you know. I understand enough logic to figure out how the code interacts with itself. I will have hiccups here and there or go through overly complicated methods just to achieve my goal. But I hope in the end that I learn something in all this and improve my skills as a programmer.

Until next post,

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