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After my first couple of steps...

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I Have small amounts of experience of what might be related to coding... such as programming Cisco routers, and writing simple batch files. I even once briefly dabbled in Python, Basic, Visual Basic, C++, and C# when using the XNA game studio. I just finally got to the point where I'm having a Braid moment (famous indie game on XBLA) where I push myself to finish something I want to do. I was always more of a software guy than a hardware guy, and this was something I have always been told in and out of my computer dabbling cycles.

I am starting off with a highly recommended piece of text that one of my past colleagues (whom graduated and recieved a full ride scholarship to M.I.T.) read when first gaining an interest in computer programming. This book kick started his obsession, so I decided it would be the right one for me to just, you know, kick my way out of the booster seat, so to speak :p.

I have almost completed the first chapter and am on my first two days off in a row for a long time. I would like to, altogether, complete 2-3 chapters of the book over this time off of work. I kinda lost my train of thought there due to rooming with my brother, but oh well, I'm not writing a book, so I expect this blog to be sloppy.

I have learned about cout (console output), cin (console input), endl or "\n" (end line), and data types (integer, float, double, and strings). I also did a little calculation, which confirmed my wondering if I needed to pick up an old math book and try to brush up a little bit... and in any case, yeah.. I do :nottalkingtoyou: .

I am looking forward though with a good outlook and trying to just stay active with this. I feel this will be very fun and rewarding in the end, as when I pick up a new talent I always just kind of run away with it and sort of get addicted to it :batman: .

Oh, I should probably mention that I want to get into programming because it is just useful, period. I am sort of just playing around with it right now and gonna see if maybe I could take to a career with it. I also would like to mess around and develop some very basic games so as to see what it tastes like, and if maybe I'd wanna go that route!

Anyways, I will incorporate some math practice into this whole endeavour soon enough, but am going to keep the main focus on coding for now, just to get the basics under my belt, as far as I can until math starts to really become a slow roller in it. Not that I'm bad at math, I'm just noticing things that I would be doing alot faster if I was still current in my math thinking part of the mind.

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21 November 2012 - 10:34 PM
This was the one day my brother and I's off days lined up for the week, so I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but maybe I can now that he is asleep... or I might get up early and try to get some done... yeah I'll probably just get up early and try to make some progress before he gets home from work >_>
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