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The adventure of MySQL and phpMyAdmin

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So, if you've read the previous entry by me you know that the plan now is to create a simple login system. At first my intentions was to read/write (verify) up against a text file. But one user commented that I should go for databases instead.

Thus my quest to get a working database up begun. Now lets get something straight first. I've worked with MySQL a little 18 months ago. So I know ish how it works but had some catching up to do. Any-hows, I have a VPS with Debian installed so figure I might as-well set it up as a Apache/MySQL server.

Now this would mean not only learning Linux (Where I'm a complete scrub, but also messing with Apache and figure out how to apply my own domain to the server (Still haven't figured that out (Any input on how to use configure a domain would be awesome)) So I did what any newb would do. I goggled "How to set up MySQL on Debian" which gave me 1001 ways of not doing it. But I found this thing called Xampp would seemed like it would do everything for me.

After some setbacks (Otherwise known as me not reading through documentation properly) I finally managed to set up what I needed. So now its time to look into the MySQL & C++

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