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Off-topic - EA customer support

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The Hobbit! Gotta love that movie, seen it twice in 4 days and going for a third not far into the future. The movie rekindled all my love for the Tolkien universe and thus I decided to give Battle for Middle Earth 2 a shot again. Seeing how part of the game plays out in Erebor. (The lonely mountain)

I bought the game pretty much at launch. (Back in 2006) Played through it once or twice then let it gather dust on my shelf. I also bought the expansion when they released it. Anyhow, after finding the game two problems presented themselves. A) My laptop doesn't have a CD-ROM any-more (Switched it out for a SSD) and B) The disc was nowhere to be found.

So I did what any normal person would do, alot of cursing and anger later I checked out if Origin had something like Steam's future where you can add a CD-key. To my dismay Origin only supports games bought after 2009. (mumble mumble *dark things* death) A ticket and 4 hours later some EA support person contacted me.

We shall call him Steve - (Please don't get me wrong, I've worked as a phone support dude. He did everything he could and was nice!) But he could inform me that there was nothing they could do. Even when I asked if they had some old download link to the ISO file. They used to have that some time ago. So I thanked him for the help and went to ThePirateBay to obtain the files through torrenting. An hour later I could finally install the game using my legal CD-Key.

The game asked if it could update itself and in my forever kindness I gracefully allowed it to do so. I launched the game all eager to kill some orcs. Just to have the piece of #"%! crash on me. I tried twice more and crash, crash + crash. Googled it and found that this was a common problem with Win 7. There were several fixes posted, but I figured I should give EA a try first. So after another 2 hours I was contacted again by an EA representative.

I explained my problem to him and asked if they had a fix. He could then inform me that they could provide me no help in the matter. And that using Win 7 was my choice. I tried to argue that out of all my 29481083 games this is the first to not work on Win 7. After that I once more thanked him for the time and went on a new cursing spree.

At this point I was starting to get somewhat irritated. But I logged onto the IRC of a private tracker that I used to belong to. I asked in the game channel if anyone knew anything. 16 seconds later I had two people whispering me that I should use a torrent with a fix. I DL'ed the file in question and it was an exe file containing a file, the newest update + NO-CD fix. It installed like a charm and fixed the resolution of the game. I was able to launch the game and play without any-more problems.

Conclusion of this story is: EA gave shit support on a product I bought from them. Pirates fixed the problem for me within 2 minutes.

I've decided to stop buying EA games and just Pirate them instead. It's easier, less bloatware, more support and cheaper.

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