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Here in this blog I will share what I learn or know about programming. I will do so with a more esoteric perspective. I believe I can create any reality I want for myself in my imagination, and that I am an unlimited being. I have created a reality for myself in which I have mastered C#. Where I have written two programs (presently), one of which has been on my mind for quite some time. In fact when I first came to this forum I signed up because I thought I was going to pursue that Dream. But that was then, and this, a year later (roughly), is now. I am not who I was then. Before I sought help, support. Now I will be open to these, but not actively seeking them. For now I will manifest the reality I created all by myself. Learn C# then XNA or OpenGL then perhaps WPF. Begin to work on the simpler of my two programs. Continue from there.

So check back here from time to time because I will share the things i have learned in the forums of tutorials, probably in video at YouTube at my channel or written tips here in this blog. This will be exclusive to this blog. I will also share any good resources I come across, and review some programming books based on my experience with them.

Until then -
- DreamBliss

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