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What is Fundamental?

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Keen to write the next great game? A super application? You must first understand the fundamentals of your chosen language. These fundamentals are largely the same, regardless of the language.

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A Quick (CSS) Transition

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Typically, people use jQuery mouseenter and mouseleave (or hover) events when all they are doing is changing and/or animating css properties, then changing them back again. They could just use css :hover to change the properties back and forth. But, in particular, the animations are more easily, and more effectively, achieved using ...
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Dabbling with Lazarus

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I was dabbling with FreePascal and Lazarus, mainly for the nostalgia of looking at Pascal again. One advantage this holds for a beginner is that it is a one-step download and install. It also includes Object Pascal (or a version of this) and an entire GUI framework.

Sample code:
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Memoization Example (Python)

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Memoization :wikipedia

..that sounds ok.

What?! Although, within the bold text lies hidden the 'meaning of life'! Let's skip passed it..

The notion of tabling is good, but this will make more sense after the example.

This is much better, although the use of the word function...
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I Self-Taught Myself

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Great. Well done. What does it mean? Every individual on the planet is self-taught.

It is an unfortunate expression, or use of the English language, to say that I was taught... It gives the impression that acquiring knowledge and understanding is a passive act. No one can pour knowledge into your brain. The act of teaching is to:

  • ...
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The Programming Bus

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Invited round for a cup of tea, the friend's house is two bus stops away. His house is then directly opposite from the bus stop.

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Factorial Walkthrough (Recursion)

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Doing what it says on the tin! Walking through recursive function calls.

The programming language is not important, as long as you understand functions (function arguments and return statements).

Factorial :wikipedia

long factorial(int n) {    if (n == 0)        return 1;     else        return n * factorial(n-1);}
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Santa's Database

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We need a very large database, to store billions of records. However, it only really needs a single table, at first estimate.

Essentially, just names and addresses. However, we also need a check...
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Debugging with Custard

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Well, it's not really. It is more like trying to discover fundamental particles. You throw all kinds of custard at it in the hope that something sticks. Well, not custard, but other high-energy particles/radiation. And you are not hoping that something will 'stick', but for evidence of new particles. Not a particle itself: it is not...
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Client and Server, briefly

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The following is an attempt to explain in simple terms the difference between client and server-side processing. Specifically, the difference between Javascript, which runs on the client, and PHP (and other server-side) languages which, of course, run on the server.

The client...

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