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Post Peeves

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I was trying to create my top-ten peeves for posted questions. Keeping it to 10 is tricky, and I keep debating the order; that is, taking into account the groan-factor.

I'll show what I have so far.

WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted, or overly-sensitive

  • Gibberish
  • Not providing enough information
  • Not posting the error message
  • Posting only part of the error message
  • .. without the line number
  • Ignoring answers
  • Not making any effort
  • Moaning "poor me"
  • Getting the language (forum) wrong
  • Not using CODE tags/ failing to use them correctly

I feel better now that I've written this down :)

I should really squeeze in "gimme the codez" but there is a forum for that.

Added: I don't think this blog will ever be complete, because I also want to include "not posting their actual code" - which is MAJOR in my book!

I am happy to receive comments that would improve this list, or its order.

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laytonsdad Icon

27 July 2013 - 02:02 PM
My largest peeve is when requesters of help refuse to fallow previously posted sugestions and then say "I don't get it, can you just post the code?", makes me want to pull out my hair.
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