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Extension Methods

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This is just for me to remember how to implement them.
 <System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Extension()> _  Public Function LastDayOfMonth(ByVal thismonth As Date) As Date  Return New Date(thismonth.Year, thismonth.Month, Date.DaysInMonth(thismonth.Year, thismonth.Month)) End Function
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Identify Your Drives with its own Logo

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Goto to the root directory of the drive you want to add the logo to.

Add or create a bitmap / icon file, with dimension of about 32 x 32 pixels.

Open your favourite text editor and create this file

Change \Logo.bmp to the address of logo file you are using.

Save the with this name AUTORUN.INF.
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Update: Calculator

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Coded The Calculator applet today.

Project CIDER Size: 120Kb, 5 Files.
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Update: An Updater

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Devised an Updater Mechanism, that downloads the updates in the background, then applies them when next run.
The download location will user-definable to allow network deployment of updates easier (1 Machine downloads them, and distributes the across the internal network.
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Update: Beginning To Connect The Projects

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Project CIDER is beginning to fulfill it promise of being infinity customizable.
This largely thanks to it plug-in based architecture, it even covers the kernel!
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Update: Update System(Boot Strap System)

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The Boot Strap System

Name: Booter (a.k.a. "Size9")
This small little is the first program to run. As it checks for updates for Kernel.
It designed to be a general purpose bootstrap.

It takes two arguments, the second is one of three options.
Booter ExePath -UPDATE Update
Booter ExePath -REVERT...
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Project CIDER Update

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Devised a language for syntax highlighter, now each language is simply a text file (with the extension .SYNTAXFILE)
Even the syntax highlighter format can be formatted.

Example Syntax File
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Project CIDER Update

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An update on the current state of progress on Project CIDER.

The Basic Framework for application plug in is worked out.
Example of which
- A simple calculator (Requires Coding )
- Number Base Conversion

Having ideas on how to speed up syntax highlighter.
An improved and simplified Finite State Machine.

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My gift to myself.

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The is my gift to myself, for my birthday & Christmas (They occur in the same week)

Sony NWZ-S693F
The sound quality is superb.
The screen is really clear.
Syncing could not be any easier WMP11->Sync to WALKMAN
The Sony Media Manager + Vista (CD wouldn't load, then when i got it to install the software it froze whilst syncing)
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Today I reach 50 Thanks

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