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Developing a Generic Radix Sort

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The .net framework has a sorting method (I think either QuickSort or MergeSort) that can be made to work for any type.
So want to see if it was possible to create a general RadixSort that could work for any type.

This is what I've come up with.

The Interface: IRadixSort(Of T)
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Is it time for a new different take on memory architecture?

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The future trend in CPUs is multiple cores but to me the doesn't remove one the main bottlenecks which is Memory Access Latency.
So is it time for new a different take on memory architecture?

The problem is multiple threads accessing the same resource particularly memory locations.
Reading is OK
Writing is an Issue.

My thoughts on the...
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More Natural Looking Recursive Functions

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In all of the mathematical textbooks (I've seen) the following two functions are defined like this;-

Fibonacci Sequence

f(n) = f(n-1) + f(n-2)

Where f(0) = 1, f(1) = 1


f(n) = n * f(n-1)

Where f(0) = 1...
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Listboxes with alternate lines background colors.

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In the C# Programmers Topics PsychoCoder started this thread and it reminded be of my attempt to achieve this effect a few months back.

Here's what I came up with.
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Damn Statistics

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Since it is possible the get the average of IEnumerable(Of Double) by using .Average, it thought lets extend it provide the other statistical functions.
To help me out I do use some of custom helper extension methods to extend IEnumerable(Of T), which then makes them accessible on all IEnumerables.
The general helper extension methods....
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LINQ Codes: GetNamedControl

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Finds the named control recursively searching the child controls. (If there isn't one return nothing.
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Periodic Table (2 Class 1 XML File+Loads of Exts.)

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In this topic the user is wanting to replicate the periodic table with class, and I though I'll have a go at it.

They are after code the that looks like this.

I decided to store the data on the atomic elements in xml file, so it is easy update.

Class: AtomicElement
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Trying to implement a valid StringOf<T> .

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The following April Fool Joke by Scott Hanselman as been bugging be for ages;- StringOr<T>
So I been attempting to bring it in to realisation a valid implementation of it.

First a attempt: StringOf(Of T) Code Snippet
It has it problems. Like you to hard code each

Second attempt:
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VB.NET Coolness is LINQ + XML Literals

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Using the w3schools xml example: XML CD catalog

Task: From this catelogue I want you group the cds by date descending and display the titles, artist and price.
- - - - - 1-Liners

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Christmas Diner time is nearly here and you're sick of hearing those terrible cracker jokes. I bring to you the beginnings of collection code samples that only contain a single line of code.
Note: These require .net>=3.5

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