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F# :- My Functional Side

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Started to learn F# a couple of days ago.
Decide to see if could implement a BF Interpreter
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Countdown Number Puzzle Solver

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Countdown Number Puzzle Solver
My Solution to the C# Challenge

I think I have come up a very good solver to the challenge.

The Console App
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Conway's Game Of Life Submission

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Conway's Game Of Life

My first submission in the Challenge: Conway's Game of Life.

In my attempt I have make parallel processing version. It maxes out both my cores on my computer. Try it out on yours (does require .net 4.0 Client Profile)

Life Rules

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INode(Of T) and Traversal

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INode(Of T) Interface
Public Interface INode(Of T)  Property LHS As INode(Of T)  Property RHS As INode(Of T)  Property Value As TEnd Interface

A simple implementation of it.

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The Project Roslyn CTP is now available.

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The long awaited Project Roslyn as been released to the world (albeit in CTP form).

Project Roslyn is a re-envision of the & C# Compilers, rewritten in the respective languages.
With the aim of opening up the knowledge the compiler has about your code.
- Compiler As A Service
- C# Interactive

Download from MSDN Project Roslyn Site
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New VB11 Features

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New VB11 Features

A preview of some of the new features coming in VB11, which you can experiment with via the VS11 Developer Preview

The New Features
  • Async & Await
    This will be the major feature of VB11 asynchronous method supported directly by the language.
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Added a couple more NuGet Packages (FormatProviders & exts & Transparent Controls)

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I've add a few more of my contributions from my snippets and blog as NuGet packages.

Format Providers

This provides a few new additional format providers, based of my blog post Custom Format Providers

Example of BoolFormatProvider
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My New NuGet Packages: Numbers Only, Console Extensions, Console_Read_Stuff

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Announcing the release of Console_Read_Stuff (v1.1)

This small collection of code snippets add the following features to console application.

  • Console_Stuff.
    • Read_BoundedValue(Of T)( ICollection(Of T)
      Read_BoundedValue(Of T)(ByVal WhatCollection As ICollection(Of T)) As T
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A Couple of Videos for Noobs.

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Checking In: Gov Maharaj - Shimming the World, Dreaming in Assembly
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A Prototype Programming Langauge: Has Interesting Ideas and Concepts

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Let me introduce you to a programming language I've been thinking about.

It'll have the following features.
  • First Class Functions
  • First Class Events
  • Operator Overloading
  • Iterators
  • Generics
  • Lambdas
  • Pattern Matching
  • Piping

Advanced Ideas and Concepts
  • Traits
  • Multi-Yield

Maybe also include
  • ...

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