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GrapheNet (rewrite)

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I've been tinkering with a redesign of GrapheNet implementation
In do doing so I rewrote the core of GrapheNet in Nemerle
(~370 Lines Of Code, spread over 4 class and 1 module.)
This redesign allows for a more fluent style of coding, when using it.

Since Nemerle is based on .Net, it can interoperate with the other .net languages (like...
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Let me introduce you to my latest CodePlex Project


GrapheNet is a graph Library for .Net

Currently the dll is about 25Kb


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Generic Binary Tree

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Generic Binary Tree

This blog post is a result of me, trying to decipher what was happen with tjoney's code in this post.

I've broken the post in to three distinct sections;-
1. Nodes
2. Tree
3. Proof of Concept Code

1. Node(Of T)

The basic layout of node is this.
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5000+Kudos Reached

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Today I reached 5000 Kudos Points, with my 55th tutorial.
Thanks go out to insertAlias for the suggestion topic of RX.

#55 RX (Reactive Extensions) Part 1
#56 RX (Reactive Extensions) Part 2
#57 Tasks...
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Choose a subject for my 55th Tutorial (5000 Kudos) on DIC?

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Choose a subject for my 55th Tutorial on DIC?

Hey you read that right 55th tutorial.

I'm thinking of maybe doing one on tasks in .net4 or one cover RX.

Or have look through the current collection of tutorials...
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Extracting the URLs of MP3s from a Podcast's RSS Feed

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Extracting the URLs of MP3s from a Podcast's RSS Feed

From the following post.

So how would you accomplish this in

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[Nemerle] Creating an IF statement with an optional Else.

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When I set out to create this macro, after having a couple of issues with the current if.
If( condition ){ truth statement }else{ falsehood statement }

  • In Nemerle an If statement always require an else.
    Which you don't always want to have to include.
  • Is that when returns a the void literal on false.
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Visual Studio 2010 Extension: DIC CodeAid

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I'm happy to inform you of my first Visual Studio Extension.

DIC CodeAid

Download from the Visual Studio Gallery Page
Or via VS2010 Extension Manager

Adds Copy Code with DIC CodeTags into Tools Menu

1. Select you section of code.
2. Tools -> Copy Code with DIC CodeTags
3. If successful a window will appear to inform that...
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(AsyncCTP) Sequence Operators

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Taking inspiration from Raynes Functional Challenge.

Using the iterator functionality of the AsyncCTP of, I have reimplemented the standard sequence operators (LINQ).

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Why so fast?

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The following quotes from thePrevious Blog

Why is so fast?
If anyone spotted why it is before this blog post, my hats off to you.
Notable Mention: atraub (See Here)


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