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Textboxes and Numbers (Are these Numbers?)

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What does the two textboxes contain?
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a. they contain the numbers 123 and 456 respectively.
b. they contain strings that can be interpreted as the numbers 123 and 456.

If you answered a then you are in precise in your thinking.
To you, you see numbers, your not thinking about how the computer interpretation of them.

If you answered b then you are correct because the type of the textbox.text is a string.

Remember this fact will help you minimize casting errors like Unable to cast String to Double

It is a string not a number and such can contain non-numerical characters. so check they are valid numbers before treating them as such.

  Dim ValueOfA As Double
  If Double.TryParse(Me.Txt_NumberA.Text, ValueOfA) = False Then
   MessageBox.Show("Number A is not a valid number")
   Exit Sub
  End If
  Dim ValueOfB As Double
  If Double.TryParse(Me.Txt_NumberA.Text, ValueOfB) = False Then
   MessageBox.Show("Number B is not a valid number")
   Exit Sub
  End If
  Dim result As Double = ValueOfA * ValueOfB
  MessageBox.Show(String.Format("Result of {0} * {1} = {2}", ValueOfA, ValueOfB, result))

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Michael26 Icon

20 March 2013 - 03:49 AM
I don't understand why people can't use the numericUpDown control and avoid casting altogether, it's totally unnecessary
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