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Not using my brain

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So today I wasn't using my brain and created two blogs, both called "eating code". Can anyone comment on this and give me a way to remove one of them?

Anyway, there have been multiple occurences of where I didn't use my brain and I paid for it. Last week, my little brother decided it was a good idea to install "Playalot Games" on my computer. The actual software "Playalot Games" was not malicious, and you could actually play games on it, but it downloaded about 8 other programs with it that WERE malicious.

So, I did a scan with Malwarebytes, but halfway through the scan decided that I needed real-time protection now. I went and got avast antivirus to protect my system. I used to use AVG, but I don't anymore because it doesn't have its old features and I only like antivirus that tells me what's going on and allows me to deal with it myself. I also like avast because it allows me to schedule a scan at 12:00 at night that will automatically deal with viruses found.

After I had installed avast, I did a custom scan with that that scanned everything on the system. It scanned for rootkits(full scan) and then scanned thouroughly through the entire system. The scan completed slowly, and at the end I found about 6 malicious items. I did the scan two more times, and cleaned the whole system up. Then I set up my antivirus scheduling........

The moral of the story is, USE YOUR BRAIN!

Ironically, the same day Playalot Games was installed, I had dangerously installed windows XP games on the system, such as MS Paint from XP, and Pinball. What was funny is that I got no viruses from those programs.

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