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Mall'd: Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair!

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Well, it's been ages since my last blog entry, sorry about that. The project has not been abandoned! In fact, the very opposite. I've been working so hard on it that I've barely had any time to hop onto my beloved DIC forums. Oh, how I've missed you.

Obviously, I'm no artist (I HATE drawing, with a passion). The game isn't going to look incredible -- But with some interesting puzzles, and my own special breed of artificially unintelligent zombies, I'm hoping that it will be somewhat fun to play. Early testers have even described it as "addictive!", but I think my mum was just trying to flatter me.

It would take far too long to list absolutely everything that I've done. so I'll just catch you up on the highlights:

Sprite changes!
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Stylized levels!
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Smart-pathing pot plants! Each node is spatially aware, and connects with the nodes around it to form a single entity -- despite, in fact, being multiple tiles.
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Also, the score says BOOBS!

Support for multiple screen densities (currently supports ldpi, mdpi, and hdpi screens)!
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The MALL'D main menu running on a large HDPI screen

As mentioned above, I've done much, much more. I go back to university next month, so I'll be rushing development a bit for now. When I'm back at university, I won't have much time to do this, but it will be fairly close to being released by then. Fingers crossed!

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