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Welcome / Drive Link

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Welcome to the blog!
This Blog is for sharing my projects
This link will take you to my drive with all my uploaded projects

If you notice, there is a folder that says FinalPhase. That's because I would like to add people to the folder so they can add their own projects.
If you have gmail and would like to add your own projects, please comment me your email (or Pm)
I will then add you to the folder and you would be able to create your own folder to upload your own projects.

If you want, I will also create an entry with a link to your project. If you do want that, PM me the Project name, a description, shareable link, and any etra notes you want me to add.

If you Submit frequent projects, you can get your own entry category and will be able to upload your projects on your own on the blog.

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modi123_1 Icon

14 October 2016 - 06:58 AM
Why wouldn't I continue using Github?
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