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Are you Looking for the Python and .net Training Center in Pune ?

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In Pune there are number of Training Centers are available who provides the Professional Python Training for the Working Professionals

you have to choose them properly as enquire about Trainer, Experience of the Trainer, Fees structure, Placements opportunities provided by Django Training Center in Pune.

last but the not the Least Syllabus.

your Python Syllabus must include

1 Introduction to Python

2 Setting up our programming environment

3 Python Basics

Some Objective of Python Courses in Pune

• use Python interactively

• execute a Python script at the shell prompt

• use Python types, expressions, and None

• use string literals and string type

• use Python statements (if...elif..else, for, pass, continue, . . . )

• understand the difference between expressions and statements

• understand assignment semantics

• write and call a simple function

• utilize high-level data types such as lists and dictionaries

• understand the difference between mutable and immutable types

• write a simple class and access methods and attributes

• import and utilize a module

• read from and write to a text file

• understand interpreter and compilers: CPython, PyPy, Cython

• see demonstration of IDE’s: IDLE, IPython, IPython Notebook, hosted environments

• understand the role of package managers: easy_install, pip

• understand what NumPy does and what SciPy is (are?)

• learn about resources for learning Python3

these are the common Topics must have include into the syllabus.

some Training Center also provides the Python and Perl Combo pack.

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