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WiiMote Whiteboard

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As you know I work for 3 companies in my spare time.One of them is ALS SolutionsAt ALs I got set the task of having to edit Jonny Chung lee Wiimote whiteboard.The wiimote whitboard software is simple and easy to use.

So to Start with I made A More Friendly Ui But I think It will Have to be totally customized to the max.I can't share the code as we intend to include the software in our packages we sell to people the complete setup.

I made it collect more Ir Points as i Found out that the wii remote accepts at least 10 points.Also Started to build a system to link 2 wiiremotes to make a 3d tracker.I know there is a basic one out there but this is more advanced.

I also Linked in a Bunch Of Software.

Building a Development plugin system got the plugin manager done.So if anyone wanted to make some contact me and we will sell them as a extra and send you a fair80% of the money we charge.

Anyway I'll show some printscreens of the UI soon on here

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