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What Not To Say When Soliciting Programming Help

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First off, LOL.

Secondly, no. That is wrong on several levels, but most importantly because the argument is null and void. One can really only argue/debate/[insert word here] from a position of strength. Oddly enough this applies across the board, not just with technical related activities. In other instances of such a situation, people call it...
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A Linux Journey Part III - Xubuntu

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Xubuntu is up and running! (Thanks for the suggestion thesilentenigma...
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A Linux Journey Part II - A Dive Into the BIOS

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A Dive into the BIOS

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon "fighting" with the old system I had acquired...
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A Linux Journey Part I

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I've been meaning to try out Ubuntu/other flavors of Linux for quite some time now, but I just never got around to it. As luck would have it, I was out today and picked up old computer/monitor combo for 5 bucks!

I was so pleased with my good fortune, I decided that spending a little more money would be perfectly acceptable, not to...
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Abstraction: Good and Bad

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Abstraction ...
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Hurdles

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Believe it or not, programmers can have writers' block. Well, its not called writers' block, but we can have it. But if we don't call it that, it that what it really is? I leave that philosophical quandary for another day. The point, that I am laboriously trying to get to, is writing software is not unlike other processes most everyone...
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Shades of Grey

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It is human nature to rationalize, regardless of circumstance. This could be attributed to our need to understand the world around us. What is troublesome is some individual's ability to condemn others for such a rationalization, but fail to see their own. Does this excuse either's attempt to justify their position or actions? ...
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Custom Recursive "Unpack" in Lua

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Just a quick snippet to tide you over until the next Lua tutorial.

The default unpack() function is written in C. So let's write our own (why? for fun of course!) in Lua. We'll take a recursive approach and use a neat default value feature:

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Introduction to Lua - Part III

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Coming Soon to an "Other Languages" Tutorial Section Near You! Tutorial here

Introduction to Lua - Part III

This tutorial requires you to have a somewhat firm grasp on basic Lua concepts (variables, how to run Lua, etc...), for complete information please read Introduction to Lua and Introduction to Lua - Part II...
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Introduction to Lua - Part II

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Coming soon to an "Other Languages" tutorial section near you! Tutorial Here

Introduction to Lua - Part II

If you haven't familiarized yourself with Lua, please read: Introduction to Lua...

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