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Do It The Hard Way, At Least Once

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We often get threads asking if one language is "easier" then another, if a language makes programmers lazy, or if a language has too much abstraction. By and large the answers to these questions are no. However, the benefits they provide may be lost on an individual if the underlying concepts are not understood.

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Compiling Managed C++ Code In Visual Studio

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Quick note:...
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Practical Numbers

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This seems to be a popular topic as of late. The definition of a practical number:

For the definition, the wiki is a good resource, but for practical/implementation guidance, it's poor. The initial way to approach this is to iterate through 1 to number-1 and check to see if each can be expressed by the sum of the divisors. I haven't...
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Indie Titles You Should Pick Up Right Now

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Steam's holiday sale was, in a word, awesome, and given the "cheap" price of a few titles, I picked up some ones I would normally gloss over simply because they weren't on my radar or I didn't feel like shelling out 20 bucks for an "indie" title.

Without further ado [the sale goes until 9 AM PST tomorrow 1/4/10],...
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Epic Fail

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If you're going to do something, you might as well do it right - the first time. Below is an email I received earlier today and is a prime example of not following this rule:

Pro-tips for spammers:

  • Make sure you use proper English.
  • Don't randomly capitalize words in the middle of a sentence.
  • ...
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The Copy & Paste Generation

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I won't lie, NickDMax completely took my thunder. He reached right up into my metaphorical cloud and took it. He took the proverbial wind out of my sails. What about? This topic of this thread.

Some back-story:...
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Sexy Primes

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I saw a thread in the Java section about sexy primes and was intrigued, I had never heard of them. Although I've seen some very attractive primes in my time though, believe you me. ;)

For a quick crash course in its definition, hit up the wiki page...
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An In-Depth Look At Binary Search Trees

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Author's Note:...
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Java Interfaces and OOP Relationships

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To avoid any sense of bias in what I'm about to present, I will be substantiating every assertion I make with quotes directly from the interface portion(s) of Sun's The Java Tutorials...
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Advanced Lua - Part III

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Advanced Lua- Part III


A solid understanding of Lua. It is recommended, but certainly not required, that you read my previous tutorials on the subject, which can be found starting here(intro) and here(advanced)...

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