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A Tale of Compatibility

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Over the last year I purchased several hardware components (monitors and keyboards specifically) that had rather large stickers proclaiming they were "Certified for Windows Vista". Since I'm still running XP I didn't give it too much thought, I figured it was just there to assure the computer illiterate. (Plug and play, am I...
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Google Wave: First Impressions

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Immediate disclaimer: I know that Google Wave is still in beta and as such will suffer various quirks as it develops. However, criticism can still be levied in my opinion, especially since (in this post) I feel that it is constructive. Having that said:

Google Wave...
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An In Depth Look At Linked Lists

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There are quite a few threads nowadays asking for assistance with linked lists. I find that the majority of these questions/problems/complications stem from a lack of understanding of the data structure itself. Why? Because (and this could just be me here) coding something is a non issue if I've worked out how the algorithm works, how the data...
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Computer Illiteracy in Media

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Thanks to digg I was exposed to the following "comic strips":


Now, I already knew that CSI wasn't exactly accurate when it comes to technology in regards to forensic science, but the above wasn't too far of a stretch for me to suspend my belief to enjoy a show designed for entertainment,

but then I saw this ...
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The $500 computer

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Immediate Disclaimer: ...
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Large Factorials [Embedding Lua in C]

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Anyone who has had to do factorials in any "upper level" language will tell you that integers rolling over due to their limitations is the bane of this assignment's existence. Today i bring to you a quick, portable solution: Embedding Lua in your C program. Lua can handle large mnumbers without the need for another library or...
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Advanced Lua - Part II

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Coming soon to a tutorial section near you!

Iteration, iteration, iteration!!

Syntax highlighting is better on the original post so it's linked:

Check it out here.
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Advanced Lua - Part I

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Coming soon to a tutorial section near you!


Read the full post HERE
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Introduction to Lua - Part IV

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Coming soon to a tutorial section near you! :)

Introduction to Lua - Part IV...
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What Not To Say When Soliciting Programming Help

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First off, LOL.

Secondly, no. That is wrong on several levels, but most importantly because the argument is null and void. One can really only argue/debate/[insert word here] from a position of strength. Oddly enough this applies across the board, not just with technical related activities. In other instances of such a situation, people call it...

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