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3 2 1 Initalization

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A trend today has been not initializing values before using them. Now, the compiler will normally throw an error or warning so you get a heads up before seeing:

2 x 3 = 2111157549437

Which is a horrible feeling. And the strong urge to repeat grade school math.

The particularly nasty culprit is Mr. Array. Consider the following:

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Turn a Code [Trick]

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This was a post on another blog I have, but it was soooooo funny I want to share it again:

I entered a programming contest today. My first. +POP+

Those of you who weren't completely grossed out by that please continue reading:

It was a weird experience. I felt like a whore. I was coding for money. Correction: I was coding for the chance at...
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No Bailout!

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As much as I disagree with the U.S. government giving out "hand outs" I ended up doing the same tonight, but with code. This is a horrible transgression for I have probably scarred this individual for life. Now instead of working their way through the problem they will want a code hand out for the rest of their life/career.

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I just finished watching House and had a sudden epiphany. There have been several occurrences today where suggestions have been made code wise and the person posts the original code again. I think programming is just like a differential diagnosis, especially if we are looking for a bug or error. Keeping the status quo only prohibits the answer...
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You Enumerate Me

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One of the more interesting additions to java 1.5 was the stand along enum. Before then Javaphiles had to make a class with static values to "enumerate" objects:

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Defeating Mr. Memory Leak

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Here's a sneak peek at a (hopefully) soon to approved tutorial here at DIC. It is told in a narrative fashion so it is both educational and entertaining:


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Paint Me A Picture

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There's a new java tutorial out today on the site: Discussing my main man, Mr. Applet...
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Get in Bed With the API

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Yeah a sexual reference in this entry's title. I like it; don't deny that you like it too.

Over the course of the last few hours I have seen many questions that could easily be solved or light shed upon them, by simply reading the documentation associated with the particular language.

I'm talking about things like:

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Memory Lane Trip Gone Wrong

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Yesterday I had answered quite a bit of C++/Java questions and no new ones filtering in so I decided to take an excursion into the Visual Basic forum. I haven't done anything with it since a class I took in high school, but I thought it would be fun to answer some problems and see if I remembered anything.

It was horrible!...
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Programming: My Crack

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Before Bill O'Reily hunts me down for advocating drug use, let me say that I do not recommend taking a nose dive in snow. However, we here at KYA industries (a small factory in the corner of my brain) are proud to bring you programming! Yes, for a low, low fee, of absolutely nothing [assuming you can access the internet and can read] you...

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