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A Late Night Ruby Snippet

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You ever run across a problem that you just say, "why?" And then you had to write a quick snippet to solve it?

This was mine as I was doing my near midnight DIC browsing. [Hey ooooo!]

Behold, a solution!

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Semantic Analysis is the Devil

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Or How To Think of Every Edge Case Ever.

Currently taking a compiler class and on the semantic analysis stage. I have this here Abstract Syntax Tree based on some code I have determined to be syntactically correct. Now I get to see if the author of said code was a dumbass. We're using a subset of C, C- (C-, that's one minus) which is C...
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Kickstarted about a year ago, I picked up myself a copy yesterday. The basic premise is simple, you are a survivor and you have to kill zombies while making your way to some objective.

Hot damn, this is a fun game...
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Pandora One

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In early October I was raging against the machine that was the free Pandora mobile app. One particular quote of importance:

My pants are on fire. I took the dive (3 bucks a month, couldn't be that bad right?).


Pandora One's performance and stability as a mobile app is great. The stark contrast between the two apps almost...
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Universal Turing Machine in Ruby

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I usually don't do multiple posts per day, but once I got the white-board, I just started crushing some code (brah) and had to share. As seen in the picture, I had outlined how I wanted to implement a Turing Machine ( TM ) in Ruby. I have since expanded my initial concept into a Universal Turing Machine...
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Knowles' Awesome Whiteboard!

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I've been meaning to get one for a while, but just never got around to doing it for some reason (see relevant programmer trait here). I use one all the time at work; mapping out concepts, ideas, a little pseduocode from time to time. Oh, and pictures! Who doesn't love pictures? Diagrams...
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Pandora's Mobile App is Truly Terrible

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How hard is this? You query a server for a file, you wait until you receive the file, then you play it. When it's done, you get another one. Every few songs you query your ad server and play some nonsense. Not that complicated.

In pseudocode that might look like:

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Belated Five Year Pin

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Well, damn it. Completely missed my Dream.In.Code birthday. Shame on me and a pox upon my house.

I have to say, five years later, I really enjoy coming to the site to learn, program, and interact with a large swath of the software, web, and misc developers floating around the world. Without being too cheesy about it, D.I.C. has played a large...
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An Exercise in Frustration

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or How HBO and Comcast Are Screwing Their Paying Customers

As you may be aware, I recently got a Samsung Galaxy SIII...
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Sprint is finally rolling out their 4G LTE network in the Baltimore area!


I was standing in line at ye olde local Qdoba, when I did see the blessed 4G indicator on my beloved Galaxy S III.

Lo' and thus it was:

Image reduced in size...

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