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Algorithmics for Hard Problems

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I just finished up the Spring semester. Took a class called "Design and Analysis of Algorithms". [Got an "A", yeah!] Great course, great instructor, but the book...
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Bro Down and Crush Some Code

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CNN had this gem on brogramming two days ago:


Quote of the day: Bro Down and Crush Some Code

Glorious. Us fellas at the office spent the entire day telling each other to bro down.


On a more serious note, it's actually a decent article that quotes some even more hilarious stuff including SXSW panels such as...
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The Virtues of a Programmer

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I read this a while back, forgot about it, and stumbled upon it again this afternoon while cleaning up Firefox bookmarks. For your reading pleasure, the virtues of a programmer:

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This is Why You Comment Your Code

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Earlier today I was working on an application that does a lot of specific byte manipulations. Each step depends on the correct output of the preceding step and thus if 0x00 is 0x01 you get the wrong answer. So, there's this one piece of data that comes from a file that is supposed to be written in a very specific way: it is plain ol'...
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Guess what rAWKs

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I recently ran into a problem where I needed to convert a file from format A to XML. Essentially, take the lovely tidbits in their random format of 'A' and put them nice and neat into a well groomed XML file. I'm not going to lie, I started to do this by hand. After about five records (in a several thousand line file) I uttered an...
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Yet More Collision

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I couldn't stop watching the little red square bounce around yesterday, so I decided to extend the program a bit to illustrate more complex movement and collision with other moving objects. The code is at the point where if I were to add more stuff, I'd need to start wrapping my little square pieces into their own Class objects to make the...
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Easy Collision Detection

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Or, how I love to not reinvent the wheel!

I was browsing this thread over in the Java forum and I wrote a quick diddy that has a square ping pong back and forth between two "walls", nothing fancy, but illustrates a concept we as programmers should take to heart: do not reinvent the wheel...
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All Software Sucks

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Now, if you would kindly hold onto your torches and pitchforks for a few minutes, I can explain. It isn't that your new awesome killer app written in the latest shiny toy you found in a box won't be the best thing since sliced Google bread; rather, your app will never be perfect.


Assume for a moment that you're writing a hello...
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Dream In Code, the Novel

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As I sashayed down the technical aisle at the local library, this caught my eye. I said self, (which is what I call myself), that title reminds me of a place I spend a good deal of time...
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Customer Service Done Right

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Fair warning, I'm about to give a company some praise, of which I was not paid for.


I was browsing around for the best deal on a textbook I need for graduate school this fall and Amazon was ~$15 cheaper then anyone else. As soon as I added it to my cart the price jumped ~6 bucks. WTF? So I call up Amazon (all prepared to bitch ...

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