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Engineering is a road of discovery

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So, being an aspiring engineer, and working around a bunch of engineers, I have made some strange, albeit fascinating, discoveries.


... aren't that fond of pocket protectors. In fact, you will get looked at funny for wearing them or even mentioning them.
... like tomatoes. Alot.
... commonly have gross armpit sweat despite sitting at a desk all day. Hmmmm gross.
... sometimes don't bathe. Or brush their teeth. Or wear deodorant. Another gross.
... love Marilyn Manson.
... love gel pens.
... hate OOP. Fortran and Pascal ftw!!!! Wtf? Seriously?!
... love DnD. Go figure.
... love Chinese food.
... think farming is the coolest thing next to Star Wars, which is #1 coolest thing in the known universe.
... have a motorcycle fetish.
... hate chinstraps. I will admit to this one. Fuck my chinstrap, yea! Bare hardhats ftw!!!!
... love to cuss.
... don't actually do the work, that's the technicians job. >_> WTF?! Engineering is designing, not implementing I guess.
... think Vin Diesel is the awesomest.

Well, this is about it. And a disclaimer, I love my job, and all my coworkers!!! <3 Except Rhyan, he's a poopface.

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Gorian Icon

11 August 2010 - 06:09 PM
Nice. I like this.

NeoTifa Icon

12 August 2010 - 10:33 AM
:D Thanks.
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