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RIP Mandriva Linux

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It was the year 1999 when I first booted Linux and the only distribution that I managed to install successfully was called Mandrake Linux. It was the only distribution whose installer would automatically create a sensible partition default. This focus on ease of use was what kept the distribution formerly known as Mandriva...
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I wish Linux had more shareware

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I'm not sure whether its uber-cool to say I like Linux or not, but actually I do. And because I do, I wish Linux had more shareware/trialware. Let me explain this blasphemy (in the eyes of RMS anyways).

Linux in general has better text mode support than windows. A better shell (many better shells), better command line utils, better...
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5 awesome Linux console based tools

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If you're looking for no fluff, all work kinda tools - look no further than the console. Most of these tools take up minimal resources and still give you a chockful of functionality, plus they're not that hard to use (okay maybe a little). All you need to be is a keyboard ninja. :^:...
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Moving away from Microsoft

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If you follow technology news closely, you would have seen the article on how Microsoft is claiming that Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) is violating about 235 of its patents. For the uninformed yet, go read it up at CNN Money: Fortune. Now this move by the Redmond giant really didn't go down well with me. All I wanted to ask was: why...
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Too many Linux distro's

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Yes I understand the part of software freedom. I even understand the 'different people, different needs' concept. And yes I get the point that much of the popularity of Linux comes from the fact that just about anyone (with the skills) can whip out their own flavor. But does anyone besides me get the feeling that there may be one too many...
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