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Judging a book by its publisher

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I'm a big fan of technical books and have a nice big stack of somewhat unread technical books lying in my room. However whenever I get fascinated by a new technology and decide to pick up a book for it, I'm swamped by the sheer number of books available on most subjects. Amazon reviews are my first choice for a decision but if I'm...
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Teach yourself Unix in 10 minutes

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I was recently asked to teach a full length course on Linux/Unix and I decided to get a few books on it to hammer out some content. I realized, using Linux for some time meant I could operate a *nix box effectively and get some help using man...
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What I thought of 'iWoz'

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I've been reading 'iWoz', the semi-autobiography of Steve Wozniak (thanks for the b'day gift) for sometime now and finished it on this weekend. I may have forgotten some parts of it, partly because I've been reading it for a couple of months now (maybe more). I read non-urgent books at a slow pace. Come to think of it, I read...
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5 books you must read to be a Computer Engineer

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Everybody wants to be a computer engineer, which for most people boils down to - everyone wants to write code. However everybody wants to be a Perl'er or a PHP coder or a Java guy. But in all my years if there is one thing I have learnt about the field of computer engineering and/or programming is that not all problems can be solved by reading...
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Making Use of Ruby

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As some of you may have noted, my latest crush is on a little programming language that goes by the name of Ruby. Its a neat little language with nifty little features. However, any Rubyist will tell you this, the amount of documentation in terms of books and online tutorials is tiny as compared to a popular language like Java or Perl. Nonetheless...
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