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How to become Web2.0'ish

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So you've been surfing the net while secretly wanting to launch your own Web2.0 website and becoming the next best thing since sliced bread. Well, look no further - here's a detailed guide to achieve instant success in your venture. (Note that almost all of these are mandatory regardless of the idea you have in your head.)

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Overcommenting or Undercommenting?

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Writing comments and in what quantity has always been a point of debate with the coding community. Everyone has a different style of commenting and everyone does it in different volumes. However when I was reading Six ways to write more comprehensible code (a must read)...
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The day of the coder/geek/nerd

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And like any other day, I get up and run to office which is usually a cool comforting place with machines and all. Not like the apartments I live in where people usually like socializing and all and general small talk which I must emphasize is not to be confused with speaking in SmallTalk. Of course I'd rather speak to them in Perl, but the...
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