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Acer Aspire One - 3 month review

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Well, about three months ago I jumped on the ultraportable/netbook bandwagon. This meant smaller notebook PC's with substantially less power but decent enough to do the basic tasks. Looking at the prices and the config's, I picked up the Acer Aspire One - Windows XP Edition...
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Easy is not always equal to bad

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Being a regular reader of programming.reddit and Dzone, I could not help but notice people arguing over PHP vs Lisp as a web development language. While I am fond of Scheme, Lisp and its various cousins - I could not help but see the practical side of it. One major point that is made everytime in one form or another is that what is easy must be...
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A happy new year to all of you. As you all know (and most of you probably don't, lucky people you, I tell ya) I've been blogging here over about 1.5 years now and after a long thought to it, I believe its time for me to say Adios!...
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The devil's alternative

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One of the great benefits of being and working in the software/IT world, is the amount of choices you have. Be it any field, from databases to search engines to programming languages to real time strategy games, the choices are always there. While having alternatives may seem to some like a twin edged sword, I personally believe its better to have...
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The Age of Interpretation

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One broad classification of coders, in my trivial opinion, would be the complier lovers and the stalwarts of interpreters. The first category would include the people who tinker around with languages like C and C++, while the latter would day-in and day-out spend time with Perl, Python, PHP and Ruby. In the formative years, and I mean the era from...
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