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Joomla is hurting itself

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Last month I was asked to oversee a CMS deployment for a small commercial website. The platform chosen was a LAMP stack where the P stood for PHP. When it came to choosing a CMS, I voted for Drupal because I like its flexibility. However the guys who were going to maintain the site were a little too afraid of the Drupal terminology. So we again...
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I usually hang around with Content Mangement Systems in PHP since most of my projects have a very loose and flexible requirement list, and I know the features the client wants at point in time - present, is different from the features he'll want at point in time - future. But about a fortnight ago, I was given a mighty interesting project. A...
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The search ends

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If you people remember my first post, I wrote about how I was trying out various PHP/MySQL Content Management Systems. And I'm proud to announce a winner, atleast in my personal opinion. But before I tell you which one, let us see how I reached that conclusion, in the hope that this'll enable you in your own search.

I had the good sense...
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A question of CMS

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After successfully implementing PunBB, I was happy with the work I had done. It was small, clean and easy to install and use. No major worries and no major flaws. Then I jumped onto the jungle of Content Management System's out there.

The preliminary research showed three clear favorites - Drupal, e107 and Joomla...

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