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Will AskEraser make you switch?

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A couple of years ago, when people realised that storing user searches had more implications than just better-search-results, a general outcry rose for a more "ethically anonymous search engine". And since the big three - Google, Yahoo! and, weren't ready to budge on this, the fourth biggest player -
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Vista security news

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Ok, so today at work I was reading up on BBC Technology news and I came across an article in which McAfee and Symantec have accused Microsoft of intentionally keeping them out of the loop in terms of Vista security. Microsoft wants to come up with own security solution in Vista, and needless to say that the security companies are not happy about...
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Is the era of the Black Hat over?

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I'm not gonna challenge the reader's intellect by describing the difference between hacking, cracking, black hat, white hat and the rest of the common terms. The point I want to make is - can you think of someone, anyone involved in black hat hacking?

I saw Hackers II - Operation Takedown the other day, and it describes the capture of...
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