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A short history of Text Editors

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Text editors have been the subject of countless debates and endless flamewars. However few people know much about how they came to be and the little anecdotes associated with them. I've purposely left out Vi, Emacs and their clones because their history is very well documented and known by quite a few.

One of the earliest known...
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The joy of old time shareware

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I juggle between a lot of apps in my slightly chaotic workflow. This maybe because I really like testing different software or because my job keeps throwing up special surprises. Regardless of the reasons, I seem to be noticing one particular pattern in my application choices - most of them were small to medium sized utilities written quite a...
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Time forgot Outliners, I did not

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If you remember the 90s software era with all its little shareware gems and before the advent of rich webapps, you'd remember the curious little category called outliners. Starting from the trusted Ecco Pro to Treepad to Keynote...
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4 interesting development tools you should look at

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From time to time I run across development tools that get me really interested. Either I end up using them in my main toolset as soon as I feel moderately comfortable using them or I atleast keep a tab on how they are coming along. In the past year or so, I've come across some fun projects and I see a bright future for them (or atleast I hope...
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Make Firefox Vi(m)-Like

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If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'd know that I use Vim for most of my development work. Its just so damn fast at editing text and not having to reach for the mouse for every little thing is a big big plus. Then I discovered the Vimperator extension for Firefox which basically claims to make Firefox Vim-like, and I'm not...
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