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Would I really choose OpenOffice?

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As you all probably already know, I'm a huge Linux fan and my home PC runs the slick Mandriva Free 2007 edition. However there is one thing that has always bugged me - OpenOffice. Its not a bad software per se, infact it is of real utility to most people using Linux. However it seems too slow and too bloated to me. Whenever I have to update it, the download size usually goes above 200MB and bandwidth can be regarded as a scarce commodity in my house.

A lot of people refer to it being the only real choice Linux has to offer in terms of an office suite. Being included in Ubuntu, I guess, makes it a de-facto standard. But most people who run Linux (this may or may not be true), like me, do not have blazingly fast computers. Which makes the time taken by OpenOffice to open a standard spreadsheet excruciatingly painful.

Instead, I usually go ahead with KOffice as a suite. Its not bad, seriously, if you haven't tried it, do so now. I also install GNumeric as my spreadsheet program and that about does it for me. Even after exploring the options, you feel at home with OpenOffice, use it by all means. Its a really useful piece of software, just not to my personal liking.

Anyone else has an opinion on this?

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Amadeus Icon

12 June 2007 - 04:17 PM
I do indeed, although tainted by my own situation, I suppose. With bandwidth not being a real constraint, and the fact that I run a fairly fast machine, I use OpenOffice, and find it to be very good. I have also tried the others you mention (as well as many more)...they're excellent, but I've settled into an OpenOffice meets my needs, but I fully agree that everyone should try at least a few, and find the one that's best for them.

capty99 Icon

24 June 2007 - 08:00 PM
on a slightly different note,
i love openoffice's base program,

been really useful, and the fact in how well it interacts with the rest of the suite is just a plus.

SilentSno Icon

29 June 2007 - 08:39 AM
opps, wrong post. :)
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