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Don't give up hope Yahoo!

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Yahoo!'s 3rd quarter financial results have been dismal and this has gone on for quite some time now. People are calling for the head of CEO and founder Jerry Yang, stocks are down and almost everybody thinks the company is doomed. I, for one, wish Yahoo! remains, even grows stronger and reclaim atleast a part of the glory it once had.

Yahoo! is unerasable when people start thinking about Internet history. There is something about the 95-00 era which makes the old skoolers remember those days, and remember Yahoo! and how it was. It'll be a sad, sad day when Yahoo! goes bust or is gobbled up. It'll be like watching Netscape Navigator go down again. On a less sentimental note, Yahoo! is the only competitor Google has got. You can argue about whether its a worthy enough competitor - but let's face it, there is no one else that can even hope to match up with Google right now. Microsoft may have loads of money and talent, but they do jack when it comes to online business. Facebook is a different niche altogether, Amazon has gone in its own direction and nobody should mention as it stands today.

Bare fact - when it comes to online wars, its Yahoo! vs Google with the latter winning the majority. But think about it, how would an online world with only Google as a solo player look like. Monopoly is never too good for the consumer. And in a hurting economy like today - if a giant like Yahoo! breaks down, it'll cause more economic worries than I care to list right now.

All is not bleak, Yahoo! has major, major talent in its ranks. Its got two of the best Web2.0 apps out there - Flickr and It is one portal that truly has its hands in everything, whether this is good or bad - I have little clue about. It has the 2nd most popular search engine and the most popular webmail application out there. For almost all (notice I said "almost) of its properties, I sincerely wish Yahoo! jumps back on its feet. Without our trusted, age-old companion, the internet will be a lonelier place. So if any Yahoo!'s are listening, for all the memories, the hopes and for a saner internet - don't give up.

Disclaimer - I don't work for Yahoo! or have any affiliation with them, except having a webmail account :)

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