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Well I have decided to start posting things about my game, mostly because I just killed a bug that was slowly getting more and more ugly as I ignored it.

My game is still in very early development stages, but I have learned so much from it. This is the second game I have ever made, and the gap between the two games is huge. It went from a keyboard oriented game, my first game, to a mouse based game, now my second game. Not only that though, I have also upped the auntie by teaching myself threads and including currently 3 in this program, bringing in Trigonometry, reading off a sprite sheet, having multiple enemies, and now the beginning of collision detection.

This game is still in 2D, but in my opinion its still quite great. Its a simple top down view of your character and your surroundings, currently consisting of your enemies. I believe that this game backing has some great potential, and am currently very happy with it.

I've recently acquired an artist, and a spriter, but neither have given me anything that I can currently work with, so your stuck with my bad artwork and my internet diving :D.

If you would like to download either of my games, or just want to have the most up to date, released, version of my program you can visit my site
also if you would like to help me with my site, feel free, it was the first one I had made in about 5 years, so ya, kind of lame but thats ok.

If anyone would like to help me with ideas for my game or whats to just ask questions about it or something like that feel free! I always love input on my work, and rarely get good reviews from my friends, none of which can program :angry:

Thats all for this post, ill try to keep up to date with major changes in my program and add em to this blog. The next post will probably be some thing about just getting collision detection to work properly, but we will just need to wait and see, Thank you for reading.

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