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Alright, i went ahead and fixed an error in the dice game. I forgot to incorporate the srand() function, and without this to seed the rand() function you will continually get the same random output.

Now, on to Pointers. Pointers allow us to reference a specific block of memory that is containing a variable. To illustrate this, i will give an...
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Dice Game

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Here is a little program i wrote. It will introduce you to my upcoming blog entry, Pointers. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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Bubble Sort Algorithm

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I thought that as an extension of my arrays tutorial i would throw in an example of the Bubble Sort Algorithm. This is a simple, quick way to sort a set of numbers into ascending or descending order.

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Alright, my last entry went over some basic concepts you will see when learning to code. You are free to take that program and munipulate it, try to make it better :)...
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Here we go..

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I will introduce myself by stating that i am a novice programmer. So if you are looking for advanced topics this is not where you want to be :)...
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User Groups ( 9 Feb 10')

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I recently attended my first meeting with a .NET user group i joined. I have to say it was very interesting. I am not very familiar with ASP.NET, and the meeting was going over the ASP.NET MVC Architecture. It was a great chance to learn about something new, and meet developers with years of experience. Has anyone else attended or us currently...

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