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My First Freelancing Job

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In addition to my internship, I have another job programming this summer. Before school let out, one of the assistant principals (AP) at my school approached me about writing a program for him. With the AP in charge of the master schedule retiring, he is taking over this responsibility, and asked me to write a Drag-and-Drop application to do this. The best part is, that I am being compensated for this. If all goes well, I might be able to pilot this program to all the middle and high schools in my school system.

So what exactly does this program need to do?
  • Dragging and Dropping JButtons representing classes into spots into a JTable, and being able to drag and drop these JButtons within the JTable.
  • Importing Courses and Teachers from CSV Files
  • Saving the current setup to resume later
  • Starting a new project
  • Printing the list

With these functionality requirements, I have (had) to work with APIs and tools I've never used before including:
-Java Drag and Drop
-Sending a Report to a Printer

Thus far, I have (after a lot of research) extended the JTable and JButtons to support Drag-and-Drop functionality, as well as import the CSV Files using SwingWorkers in the background. This has taken ~20 hours of work, and I estimate to be ~30% of the project.

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Locke Icon

28 June 2010 - 01:32 AM
Sounds like a fairly sweet gig. Good luck on the rest of it. :)

Fib Icon

28 June 2010 - 06:29 AM
What an amazing opportunity! This would look great on a resume.

macosxnerd101 Icon

28 June 2010 - 08:17 AM
Thanks everyone!

DaneAU Icon

29 June 2010 - 02:54 PM
Goodwork mate, always good to have active responsibility; it definitely drives the will to learn further than mundane assignments, mainly the reason for this is that you know there is an end user :)

DillonSalsman Icon

29 June 2010 - 04:25 PM
I would like to ask for and suggest writing a tutorial for drag&drop components. This interests me and I think would be a hit for java hobbyists. :]

macosxnerd101 Icon

29 June 2010 - 07:52 PM
@: Thanks! In this case, knowing the end user is definitely a benefit. I actually talked with the assistant principal I'm working with, and he said he'd like to see me get paid big for this by marketing it to other potential users. So this is a very nice change of pace for a client!

@DillonSalsman: I've been considering this. Maybe sometime later this summer when I've made more progress on this program, I'll sit down and write a few DnD tutorials. I'm glad to know that there are people interested in these tutorials, and I appreciate you asking me to write them. :)

Mercurial Icon

03 August 2010 - 11:13 AM
Old post, but I'm interested how it went? :bigsmile:

macosxnerd101 Icon

04 August 2010 - 08:28 AM
Still going on. I'm working on it as I have time, but the deadline isn't until January, and the assistant principal is thrilled with my progress. After a lot of work, I got the drag-and-drop interface working. Now I have to work on some other management components. Thanks for asking! :)

bioshock Icon

04 August 2010 - 05:24 PM
Hi, as you know, I Am on the same "boat" like you :bigsmile:
Hope you get it all! Best of luck!

macosxnerd101 Icon

05 August 2010 - 06:46 AM
Thanks! And good luck to you!

Mercurial Icon

07 August 2010 - 06:00 AM
Glad to hear you're doing good :bigsmile:

macosxnerd101 Icon

11 August 2010 - 01:47 PM
Thanks! :)

kr4m0llz27 Icon

18 August 2010 - 08:03 PM
Soundz gud and intiresting , i agree with Dillonsalsman . P0st a tut0rial h0w i g0es. :D
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