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OpenOffice Draw Imitation

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Have you ever wondered how to make a draw interface like the one you see in OpenOffice Draw? Today, I am going to show you not just how to draw with the mouse, but also how to make the panel that you draw on appear in the center of a screen (so that it looks like a sheet of paper). The only thing that I will not show you how to do today is to zoom...
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Transparent Swing Components

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Transparent Components in Swing are not normally thought of, which leads to issues when adding components unsuspectingly to a component that already has a background and you don't see...
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paint() vs. paintComponent(): A Resolution

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Well, time to wrap up this "feud" (edit:not a feud, just a stance) that pbl and I have had regarding paint() vs. paintComponent(). I have been a little "childish" about this whole affair, but I have decided to redeem myself. This article is organized to show my old argument, pbl...
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Full Screen Java Applications

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Have you ever wanted to create full-screen games in Java? Well, you're about to find out. Just a note that the code that I will show you today does NOT work in Applets. If you want to make a full-screen application to be accessible on the web, make it a Java Web Start.

Today, we will encounter 3 classes you probably have not used before:
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Font Madness

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So, while programming my most recent game, I encountered several issues which just absolutely drove me insane - I wanted to use a custom font in my game. This is one that is not natively found on any machine, so I had a little predicament. Well, after doing some searching through the API, I stumbled upon the createFont()...
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Java ArrayLists

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Arrays are one of the fundamental datatypes in Java (along with most other programming languages), but they do have some...
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Java Arrays Galore!

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Hello again, thanks for reading!

There are many continuing questions on the forums recently that really deserve explanation. Arrays. Most of the time, these questions could be answered just by looking at a simple guide to arrays. That's what this is for!

Single Dimensional Arrays...
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Static Methods Explained

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What are static methods, and when should they be used? That is a question I have seen at least twice in the Java forum this week. So, I have taken the liberty of showing you in this lesson. As my primary language is Java, I will demonstrate in that language.

What Are Static Methods?...

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