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Fun with Boost::proto

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So I am working on a theoretical blog post on expressions based upon some of the little nuances that I have learned over the last week. Some neat stuff. In my research I came upon a neat little series of articles called "Expressive C++" by Eric Niebler...
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Beginner Series: Finite State Machine

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Lets take a common little riddle and encode it into a little game.

The Fox, then Chicken, and Grain...
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ios_base::xalloc and iostream

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Over the years I have written a few stream manipulators and one thing that has kind of confounded me is a way to save persistent information for each stream. Well today I found a way.

Lets take a really simple example. You would like to add line numbers your output lines. Simple enough to do with a static variable and a manipulator:

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C++ Coding Challenge #1

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Problem: Write a program that will find the largest element of an arbitrary array without using any conditional structures: banned { if/if-else/switch/for/while/do/?:-operator }

bonus: Display the array sorted from smallest to largest with the same conditions.

i.e. write the function max in this little program:

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Boost::Spirit Parser

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So someone was asking about how to parse ini files ( here ) which led me to find this Boost::Spirit ini parser which made me interested in learning about Boost::Spirit...
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C++ Template Metaprogramming

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Template Metaprogramming

"Beware of the Turing tar-pit in which everything is possible but nothing of interest is easy." --Alan Perlis...
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Advice For Programmers (2010)

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Advice For Programmers (2010)

[inspired by this thread...
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Improving Monkey Productivity using Markov Chains

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Monkeys Producing Shakespeare
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X-Macros in C: Abstracting Datafiles

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Using X-Macros in C
case study: Abstracting data file usage...
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C++ Hello World The OOP Way

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I was browsing though some old computer books when I ran across, "C++ In Action: Industrial-Strength Programming Techniques" by Bartosz Milewski and I was intrigued at the approach taken. The classic "Hello World" example was given roughly as:

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