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Linear Search for Sorted Lists: My Take

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Ready for another high octane, explosion-filled and death defying episode of the Programming Underground?!?! Sure you are! Today I give my take on a blog article I stumbled across today called "Computer Algorithms: Linear Search in Sorted Lists...
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Barriers of Validation

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Hello once again Dream.In.Coders! Today I want to talk to you about a design decision which involves validating data. Often times newbies build error prone code. This is because they are just learning and lack the experience of proper validation... and lack the experience of being smacked in the face when the code fails on the input of...
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Passing Data Between Forms in C# or VB.NET

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One of the first obstacles that people new to C# (or VB.NET for that matter) run into is how to get two forms to communicate with one another. How do you get your main form (a parent) to open and pass along data to another form (the child)? This question typically arises when the programmer wants to create a dialog situation where they click a...
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