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Tricks for Getting Around the 'XMLHttpRequest Cannot Load' Security Limitation in JavaScript

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Some number of years ago web browser developers came up with the idea of allowing Javascript to pull data from other sites into a web page on-the-fly. That day AJAX was born! Short for Asynchronous Javascript and XML, this technology provided a mechanism for web pages to change their content without requiring the whole page...
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Using Hashes To Check If A File Changed in VB.NET

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Once in awhile you may want to check if a file has changed its contents in some way. Perhaps you are monitoring a log file or checking to see if an exe has had a virus mess with it. One way you could do this is by hooking up a FileSystemWatcher object and monitor the file. This might be a good approach for more elaborate programs where you also...
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Rijndael Class Example for File Encryption in C#

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Hello readers! It has been awhile since my last post. Lots of things have been going on lately and I have been busy developing some great code for some great people. In this entry I am going to show you a bit of plain text file encryption using the Rijndael Algorithm. This example is a fairly simple one and I hope to explain the basics as I...
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