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I'm yakov. i'm 14(almost 15) years old. i'm from israel.
and i started web programming 10 months ago.
My big interests is CSS and web design, i've always liked making things pretty.
i started photoshoping when i was 12 yr old but wasn't quite good at that.

the languages that i know:
HTML(plus some jade), CSS(And sass &...

An Isomorphic Exercise with Old Code

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Has anyone looked at code they wrote six months ago and went...what was I thinking?

Today I went to some code I wrote in 2009. That's right, 2009. This interesting challenge...

Day 1 of python

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I have always been interested in how computer run. How they execute commands and all of that. I finally decided to take a step further in my life by learning python. Day 1 was a bit intimidating, as I'm sure all other languages feel the same for beginers. Learned how to run python and also the
function as well as

Application Dev in WPF with MVVM (C#)

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Well folks, its been a while since I have written in my blog, so I figured it was time to put something out there. There have been a lot of changes in my life which have kept me from coming back here and writing, but I aim to change that.
Back in April, I changed jobs to move closer to family. I went from a position where I was writing intranet...

Create an on-line alternative vote system part 1

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today i started a blog to note down my work on on-line alternative vote system i haven't done coding for a while. so i am trying to get back in to it I am planning to make a free to use online alternative vote system. any help along the way would be nice. this is not a uni project it is just for fun.

I there are any blogs that you think would...

Validation Of Date.(No Math)

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Validation Of Dates.(No Math)

I've developed a method of validating the digit characters in a date. Using only simple parsing techniques.
  • No maths is involved
  • No creation of a DateTime object.
  • No converting of the character into integers.

This technique assumes that character are a least digits.

Extension Methods

Hola Todo el Mundo Condenada

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Awwww, I've only been a DiC head for less than a year and already, as of now, I have a Reputation of -1. As of now, I am officially Dishonoured. Ayyy, Dios mio! Me voy quemar en el infierno! Estoy jodido!

Uh-huh. Yeah, okay. Whatever makes you people feel better about yourselves, party people. Things have changed since the...

Determining a file's size in C++

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Recently I got curious to explore the methods that are available to find out a file's size in C++. The first (easiest?) method that I had learned a long time ago is using tellg(). Let's see an example:

Murach's HTML5 and CSS3

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I was asked to review Murach's HTML5 and CSS3 by Anne Bohem and Zac Ruvalcaba. The book assumes very little prior knowledge and does a good job of introducing HTML and CSS. It guides the reader all the way from installing an editor to uploading their site to a host. Along the way, the reader will also pick up responsive design, learn recipes...

Why the quality of your forum posts matters.

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I don't want to be the grammar police.

I realize that many of our members are not native English speakers. In these situations I do my best to work through hard-to-read posts trying to determine the intent of the message or description of the problem.

But its also important to point out that your written communication skills are vital for...

Progressive Testing

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We very often have peope post a wall of code with no idea why it isn't working. There are important concerns here about knowing how to test and debug code, and decipher error messages. However, it is even more important for people to understand that they should be running and testing their code at the earliest opportunity, and frequently...

Day Seven: ...

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In one weeks time I have learned to respect the amount of information that is available to me online as well as sink my teeth into a few major-minor points of the computer world. There is no 'best' but in order to achieve something great, one must first learn as much as possible and tinker ruthlessly and endlessly to attain such a...

So where do I start?

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For a long time now, I've wanted to create something, something that people could interact with, give me feedback, enjoy while they are using it. Now I have seen alot of these text based games on the internet, the majority of them are just the same game with different images and layouts.

Having done some research into it, I found that they...

RPG20XX - Retro Style RPG Creation Tool - 95%

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Image reduced in sizeImage reduced in size...

Programming practice ...

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When off the job should you continue programming or not i believe in programming at least an hour a day off the job just to keep in your mind. Its very easy to loose track of your train of thought in today's distracted world with social media. A great developer will strive to learn more about the languages he or she is learning on a daily...

6 Helpful Tips on How to Learn Programming

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Undoubtedly if you are new to the computer programming scene you have been overwhelmed by the number of other people telling you how to go about learning a new language. These people might be saying things like "Go to Codecademy.com...

so here it is

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yeah !. a brand new blog ! i dont know what to post here.... any ideas ?

A fresh start

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Man, I completely forgot about this cool place, have already gotten a new password. And now... I ran out of ideas, ok... need get back to work

Two Little Automata Projects

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Hey folks: I recently started putting my hobby projects on github. I've started with two little programming languages of sorts. One is from esolangs.org. The other is something I made up. Both are chock full of color ASCII goodness. Either could be used as terminal-based screensavers.


How to slide Objects in VB

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Sliding Objects in VB

Today I will give you a tutorial on how can you slide any object in VB.

First lets assume that the object you want to slide is a picturebox named 'Butter'. What we are going to do is slide the butter with the arrow keys. To do this you will need-

1 X A picture box 'Butter'
1 X ...
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