Day Five: Mentor Madness

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In order to increase my daily grind of learning how to computer, I am set on finding a mentor until my life allows me time for the school again.(First child en route. Really close) So I imagine I'll wait a few months for the next semester to start so I can go back and finish my biology degree while throwing a few computer classes in there....

Basic SQL Knowledge

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It surprises me how often we encounter people who do not know how to join two tables together in a single query. People seem to find just enough information to create a table, to define a primary key, and to write a simple SELECT query based on the table. They do not read beyond this basic knowledge.

I suppose we could blame the internet to an...

Working with Binary Data in Ruby

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Ruby is fun. Ruby is sexy. But Ruby doesn't do underlying bytes as nice as I'd like. But Knowles, whatever do you mean?

Consider the following, I have a file with contents:

If I tell you nothing else about the file, what can you infer? Well it's probably hex, but maybe it's ascii. If you read this file in Ruby and print it out...

So where do I start?

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For a long time now, I've wanted to create something, something that people could interact with, give me feedback, enjoy while they are using it. Now I have seen alot of these text based games on the internet, the majority of them are just the same game with different images and layouts.

Having done some research into it, I found that they...

What is Functional and Non Functional Testing?

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Functional testing can be said as a black box type of testing which is conducted by software test engineers in a software testing company...

RPG20XX - Retro Style RPG Creation Tool - 95%

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Image reduced in sizeImage reduced in size...

Programming practice ...

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When off the job should you continue programming or not i believe in programming at least an hour a day off the job just to keep in your mind. Its very easy to loose track of your train of thought in today's distracted world with social media. A great developer will strive to learn more about the languages he or she is learning on a daily...

6 Helpful Tips on How to Learn Programming

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Undoubtedly if you are new to the computer programming scene you have been overwhelmed by the number of other people telling you how to go about learning a new language. These people might be saying things like "Go to

so here it is

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yeah !. a brand new blog ! i dont know what to post here.... any ideas ?

A fresh start

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Man, I completely forgot about this cool place, have already gotten a new password. And now... I ran out of ideas, ok... need get back to work

Two Little Automata Projects

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Hey folks: I recently started putting my hobby projects on github. I've started with two little programming languages of sorts. One is from The other is something I made up. Both are chock full of color ASCII goodness. Either could be used as terminal-based screensavers.


How to slide Objects in VB

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Sliding Objects in VB

Today I will give you a tutorial on how can you slide any object in VB.

First lets assume that the object you want to slide is a picturebox named 'Butter'. What we are going to do is slide the butter with the arrow keys. To do this you will need-

1 X A picture box 'Butter'
1 X ...

1. Ending a console program, using function system()

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Ending Console Program...

Hello World!

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Hi everybody,
This is my first blog entry. Basically I'm just testing out how all of this stuff works. I just joined dream-in-code yesterday and already it seems awesome. It's easy to navigate the site, unlike some of the other programming communities I've tried out. So I'm giving this a shot.
I think I'll write here just a...

Priorities - (5/8/2015 - 3:14 AM)

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Priorities and goals are always good things to focus upon when working on any game. The scope of any project, no matter how simply it can be explained, will have so many elements that must be built it can be overwhelming.

That is why I shall make a list of things that I will attempt to work on and attempt to move on from goal to goal. Each of...

Life In The New World

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Don't mind the subject of this post much, I was trying to come up with a good subject and that's the best I could do!
Today, marks my 10th week of living in the United States. It was an unforgettable moment when I met a great number of my family members at the airport for the first time. I was also lucky to be able to see Los Angeles...

Lauve TV is a new open source approach to the Tv, made from visual basic to work with MonoDevelop

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HI! Lauve TV is a new approach to the Tv, made from visual basic to work with MonoDevelop.

What we need now is a team of developers devoted and ready to work on something extaordinary!

My Cup(Of T) from the Roslyn Team

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It's been a while since I last posted something here. Stepped away from programming for awhile, and my sanity.

Any how.

I've been contributing to an Open Source project. Roslyn
Nothing too big at the moment. Just mainly looking for tweaks and fixes for the compiler.

Pull Requests

Committed & Merged:-

hi i need help

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// i need help with this on understanding what would be an aspect of a define object?, i been searching online but nothing that gives me a clear understanding of the topic.

Total Eclipse

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Today there was a near-total eclipse. Glasgow was overcast and the only evidence was a slight darkness. Just as we thought we were going to miss it the maximum-eclipse (or thereabouts) struggled through, pale and moon-like through a veil of cloud. Then a few minutes later we caught a brighter glimpse.

But this article is about Eclipse the Java...
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