Hour of a thousand wishes

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Hour of a thousand wishes

Hello! As of this moment on, I want to keep note of what I'm working on and share it with the community. I want in this first entry to talk a little bit about myself with some detail and, well, kinda hope for the best.

So! Right now I just finished my second year in Computer Science. As like most of you,...

Grand Unified Snippet

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When I first encountered Sublime Text, a few years ago now, I was first attracted to the look of it, then by multi-line editing, but mainly by the possibility of using it as a vehicle to extend my knowledge of Python. Python is the main language behind its plug-in architecture. On further investigation I noticed that regex...

Why I chose AS3 to create my game

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Why AS3?

Well I believe for the purposes of what I want is a easy to play online version at online gaming portals and the ability to create a desktop application that can be sold as well. So in theory if it works well the online version would essentially become a demo and the desktop version will be the full version. The online portal version...

An In-Depth Look at AVL Trees Part II

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Now that we've all gotten the annual family visitation out of the way let's delete some nodes!

Basic concepts of AVL Trees and insertion can be found here...

[WPF] The member xxx is not recognized or is not accessible

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I've read several posts about how people were seeing XAML reporting that some property or event in their class couldn't be recognized or accessed.

When it was clearly present.


“Android Lollipop vs. IOS 8” What do you think about them?

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Again, another subject for the specialists to open deliberation over the inclination in the middle of two popular and most utilized versatile working frameworks – Android and IOS. This verbal confrontation and examination consume more room after the appropriation of Android by Google. Specialists are specifically or by implication looking at two...

Infinite streams and Exact real arithmetic

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I've been gone for a while but have been learning lots. School has taken up too much time for me to do my own programming; I'm too busy doing school work and work for my job. I don't even feel like programming when I get done with the day. I have turned to reading about things in theoretical computer science instead. Most of all I have...

Visual Basic Slotmachine

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a slot machine with sliding slots.

Download link:Download Here (Mediafire)

Image reduced in size

Plankton v1.5

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This isn't so much of an update as a few small tweaks. I've just fixed any bugs that I've found, mainly in the drawing your own seabed geometry section, and added in a control for density which just effects how the different size Plankton elements behave in the currents. By adding this I could also add gravity so that Plankton can sink...

C++: Cache-Friendly Code

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I have been working on a mathematical optimization project in C++ for quite some time now. While working with matrices and calculations, something caught my attention: the importance of contiguous memory allocation and writing cache-friendly code...

My Very first Foot Step in DIC

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Hello, To every one who has come over to have look at this rag-tag blog I just created in DIC. I'm a self thought person who loves to code in PHP and in any language which is not tied down to another platform or a OS. This blog will be updated with what ever I collect from my life and my work hoping it'll help some one else.

String Format Diagnostic Update

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String Format Diagnostic Update

I'm working on updating String.Format Diagnostics to VS2015.

This update will include a new ArgHole parser, that enables me to include colourisation of the format strings.

Currently working on updating the analysis engine, to use the results of the new parser.
So that it can...

Heavy Metal Mouse

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Now for a much more absurd exploration into PC gaming peripherals. A long while ago, I got a basic Logitech G500s mouse for some comfortable gaming. It's all you need, it doesn't look like some cyborg shit, it does its job well and it doesn't cost too much. It also fits in your hand neatly. I noticed it came with some weights inside,...

Class is Ending

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Class is ending the blog does not have a lot of entries but I will be trying to update it more often. The last homework assignment in my Data Structures course was to print out a binary tree in post,pre,in, and level order and also provide the structure. This involved printing out the tree in a way it resembles its theoretic analysis. The Code...


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When I first set out to make my online game, I already had a very good understanding of html, .asp, access database, and digital design. What scared me most was CSS and PHP. So I set out to first get a good handle on Javascript. The reason? It looked alot like my commodore 64 code of yesteryear. Even though I never fully understood the...

Making an IIDE in VB.NET

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Recently I wondered if I can make something like VB.NET in VB.NET. Ok, this sounds crazy but it's much possible! Let me tell you how...
1) Open Visual Studio (I have 2012).
2) New Windows Form Application
3) Now the Form1 will be your starting form


1) 2 TextBoxes
2) 2 Buttons


Read the Bible

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Take it little by little.

Short intro to memory

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I've always heard of the stack and heap, and being advanced topics, i tried not give them too much though

But here's a two quick bullet points which made the concepts really accessible
(taken straight from the book)

- When you call a method, the memory required for it's parameters and it's local variables is always acquired from...

Some Blogs I Like

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Finding good programming blogs is a tricky business. Here is a list I have curated over the last couple of years.


Upcoming Tutorials

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This summer, I began working on a tutorial for the 128-bit AES cryptosystem. I ended up putting it down for quite a few months and am now just getting back to it. I hope to have it done in the next three weeks, pending school work and such. If it doesn't get done by the end of Thanksgiving break, it will get finished over winter break.

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