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C and C++

Expert programming help for C, and C++! Ask questions about homework assignments, or any other C/C++ related problems. C++ is a great language when beginning programming.

  1. C++ Advanced Discussion
  2. C/C++ Challenges
  3. Objective-C
  4. CLI C++
  5. C++ Tutorials
  6. C++ Articles And News
  • 62,064 Topics
  • 289,516 Replies
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Ask questions about Microsoft's VB.NET programming language.

  1. VB.NET Advanced Discussion
  2. VB.NET Challenges
  3. .NET Framework
  4. VB.NET News And Articles
  • 29,754 Topics
  • 118,601 Replies
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Post your Java questions in here. We're happy to help with homework assignments, work projects, or any other java related questions. Java is common when beginning computer programming.

  1. Java Advanced Discussion
  2. Java Challenges
  3. JavaEE/J2EE
  4. Java News and Articles
  • 57,961 Topics
  • 276,347 Replies
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Object Oriented Programming at its finest. Encompassing power with ease of use, C# has become one of the top programming languages of the new age.

  1. C# Advanced Discussion
  2. C# Challenges
  3. C# Tutorials
  4. .NET Framework
  5. C# News And Articles
  • 21,017 Topics
  • 90,492 Replies
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Having some problems with ASP.NET programming? Pop in here and ask your question!

  1. WebForms
  2. MVC
  3. .NET Framework
  4. ASP.NET News And Articles
  • 6,435 Topics
  • 14,992 Replies
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.NET Framework

  1. C#
  2. VB.NET
  3. ASP.NET
  4. WPF
  5. XNA
  6. CLI C++
  • 2,562 Topics
  • 11,296 Replies
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Our Visual Basic experts are happy to help with homework assignments, commercial applications, or any other VB question you may have! Visual Basic is good to learn programming.

  • 12,976 Topics
  • 34,097 Replies
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Having some PHP problems? Need some help with a few functions? This is the place to ask!

  1. PHP Advanced Discussion
  2. PHP News And Articles
  • 16,715 Topics
  • 83,925 Replies
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This up-and-coming language is easy to learn, fast to develop, and very powerful. Get help with the Ruby on Rails framework or any other Ruby questions you have!

  1. Ruby News And Articles
  • 580 Topics
  • 2,053 Replies
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  1. Python Advanced Discussion
  2. Python News And Articles
  • 3,775 Topics
  • 15,380 Replies
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It's the other white meat... a rapid application development language that will have you hooked in no time! From cfoutput to components, we can help you out!

  1. ColdFusion News And Articles
  • 934 Topics
  • 2,714 Replies
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mySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, SQL, and Oracle... you've got a database question... we've got database answers!

  1. MySQL
  2. MS SQL
  3. MS Access
  4. Oracle
  5. Database News
  • 6,230 Topics
  • 17,732 Replies
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Other Languages

Discuss languages that don't have a specific forum. Including COBOL, Fortran, ADA, Basic, etc.

  1. Functional Programming
  2. Assembly
  3. Perl
  • 5,469 Topics
  • 13,675 Replies
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Game Development

Get help with anything game development related. Programming, 3D Engines, Art, Design and Math etc.

  1. XNA
  2. Game Development News And Articles
  3. Game Development Challenges
  • 4,499 Topics
  • 24,544 Replies
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Mobile Development

Discuss developing applications for mobile phones. Including Android, iPhone, and other mobile platforms.

  1. iPhone/iOS
  2. Android
  3. Mobile Development Tutorials
  • 2,447 Topics
  • 6,540 Replies
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52 Weeks Of Code

  • 55 Topics
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