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An arduino,lcd and a soldering gun

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Many a times, fear, prevents you from exploring new fields of knowledge. Thinking about the consequences that might occur when you make a mistake provokes you to 'chicken away' from the situation. In front of your computer, in a virtual world, most mistake you make can be 'undone'. But not so, in the real world.

Was just talking about soldering :P nothing big.
I bought myself an LCD for my micro-controller project. I was trying to make it work without any soldering. But soon realized that the connections were/was going to be sloppy.
And so, I bought myself a stripline and solder material, took my uncle's rusty ol' soldering gun, started off with a quick tutorial on soldering:

and followed this tutorial.

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Feels great!

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dawmail333 Icon

10 December 2010 - 09:29 PM
I thought it was supposed to be 'Hello World'!
You're doing it wrong! :P

Is that a USB interface? What did you use computer-side?

Munawwar Icon

11 December 2010 - 08:25 AM
Yes it is a USB interface.
Nothing on the computer-side except for the arduino IDE. After compiling and uploading the program into the arduino's memory, then the USB cable only acts as a power cable.
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