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Hello Game Institute!

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Hello Dream in code users! I'm Adam aka atraub. I've been programming for 5 years and have always been interested in game programming. Unfortunately, I've yet to deliver anything that I can be proud of. I have probably shelved 4 separate game projects due to lack of ability and/or motivation. I've read books and watched tutorials (I <3 moosader) but I've still failed to live up to my own expectations. Time for a change! My new years resolution is to Complete a non-trivial game. This could be a 2D, 3D, or MUD game. I'm aiming for 2D because it's the style I like most.

This Blog
Less than 20 minutes ago, I enrolled in 4 classes at The Game Institute. I'm going to get a better foundation on C++ and relearn everything I know about Game Programming from the ground up! I'm writing this blog to invite people to come along for the ride. This blog will be an account of the adventure of learning Game Programming and will simultaneously offer something of a review for The Game Institute.

The classes I've enrolled in are:

C++ Programming for Game Developers Module I

C++ Programming for Game Developers Module II

Graphics Programming with DirectX Module I

Math Primer

I hope that you'll enjoy reading this blog as much as I'll enjoy writing it!

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stayscrisp Icon

29 December 2010 - 03:05 PM

I have completed the Math Primer and the Game Mathematics course from Game Institute. They were both really good :)

Good luck with your courses!

badjava Icon

11 February 2011 - 09:14 AM
Hey Adam,

Congratulations on your directions and determination. I'm making similar plans and commitments although along a little different path or probably just a different flavor of the same kind of thing is probably more accurate.

I am interested to see how you do and where you are able to get to with your plans. I'm really excited myself for taking on similar challenges and feel like I'm at one of those 'first days of the rest of my life' kind of turning points.

I have a lot of material I'm either getting ready to blog up or working on for the near future. I'm chasing down Java (and oracle) looking at things, at least to start, more from a business support angle for now and plans to expand in to Android (gaming or business support possibilities there) when I have some experience to build on.

Anyway I don't want to do a BIO on your blog just letting you know of someone else out there on a similar trek and thinking we could share some motivation. How does that sound?


badjava Icon

11 February 2011 - 09:20 AM

I went back and read over your post again, scanned pretty quick through the first time, and saw you are currently a software engineer but learning new stuff for some game dev. Wow that's awesome but your on so far of a different level than I am and here I was all 'hey we're doing the similar thang woooot'.

You are currently in my dream job and what I'm working towards. So, not quite doing the same thing! I am still curious to keep reading and see how things go for you.

Take care,

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