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Fancy a Challenge and a Discussion?

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Then pop over to the Programmer's Discussion Section.

There are various types of challenge. Let me explain the differences.

Code Golf Complete the chsllenge in as few characters as possible.
Check Out Great any you want (show off) within the restrictions (eg <= 100 lines)
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Tutorial Ideas and Suggestions, and Snippets

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Resources 3

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vb10 Specification
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Resources 2

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Window Vista Application Development Requirements for User Account Control Compatibility.
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Resources 1

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Project Ideas

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If you need a project idea and you are spinning your wheels for some suggestions look no further! Here are some of our ongoing idea lists at DIC!

Project Ideas

Martyr2 Mega Project List
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Introduction to the FAQ and Resources Blog.

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Welcome to the FAQ and Resources Blog.

This blog has been started as a focus for several pinned topics in the section.

The existing pinned topics. FAQs
Fancy a Challenge?
Project Ideas
Tutorial Ideas & Suggestions

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I want to create

Antivirus Software in
Though it not against the term of service, discussing the mechanism behind virus is. In it this second part that Anti-virus Software Companies understand well.
For more opinions read the Antivirus Creator Thread

an OS (Operating System) using
Definition of Operating System...

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