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Linux Game Programming

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Well OK, you've all probably heard the radio by now where I mentioned writing a series about pure Linux Game Programming in reaction to the dead-on-arrival corpse that is Windows 8. Now that I have a dedicated machine running Xubuntu using MATE as the (sane) desktop environment, I'm ready to begin.

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Stuck with Metro

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Well I already decided to skip Windows 8, but here I am again wondering if this is the fate of Windows and eventually we'll all have to jump ship in a few years. This news coming at the same time Steam is porting their gear to Linux makes it the best time for me to consider writing an updated...
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Progression of a Minecraft Map

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I've been taking world map pictures of my multiplayer Minecraft server as people have been playing on it with each world backup I made. I used a little tool called MCMap. I noticed it makes a nice flip-book animation of how the map fills out over time~

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Networked Constructive Action RPG

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I haven't posted one of these in a while, but I have been working on some small side project. It's a networked constructive action RPG which is easier to understand if you think top-down classic action RPG that falls between Minecraft and Terraria...

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