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Santa's Database

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We need a very large database, to store billions of records. However, it only really needs a single table, at first estimate.

Essentially, just names and addresses. However, we also need a check...
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Debugging with Custard

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Well, it's not really. It is more like trying to discover fundamental particles. You throw all kinds of custard at it in the hope that something sticks. Well, not custard, but other high-energy particles/radiation. And you are not hoping that something will 'stick', but for evidence of new particles. Not a particle itself: it is not...
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Client and Server, briefly

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The following is an attempt to explain in simple terms the difference between client and server-side processing. Specifically, the difference between Javascript, which runs on the client, and PHP (and other server-side) languages which, of course, run on the server.

The client...
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I Can Answer That!

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DIC encourages contributions of many kinds to this site - it is a community after all. You do not have to be an expert in order to make a contribution. However, if you are new to answering, or responding to, questions raised in the forums then I have some general guidance for you.


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