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Me have Win7!

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I've got Windows 7 Beta Ultimate edition installed and most of the applications i want to run on it installed. It's been pretty good so far, and i haven't got any performance issues or errors on it thus far. I'm gonna need to work with it a lot more, but i'll probably upgrade my computer to Windows 7 when it comes out.
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@!$!#!%!*!&! (again)

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@!$!#!%!*!&! (and i got vandalized!)

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I cannot believe

that i forgot my account password

to my XP Professional virtual box.

I know what words make up the password, i just forgot how i worded it. I currently have a notepad document a mile long open with possible passwords i've tried with no success. I cannot believe that right after i get my virtual box all set up, i forget my...
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More Virtual Machine Stuff

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I was afraid Windows 2000 wouldn't support .NET 3.5 and VS 2008, and i was right. The highest it will support is .NET 2 and VS 2005, and all the applications i am currently working on are in .NET 3 or 3.5. So, i really don't have much more use for 2000 except for a 2K compatibility tester, and the right to say that i have 4 Operating...
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Ubuntu can do a lot with an internet connection

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Before i installed VirtualBox, i ran Ubuntu off an actual partition on my hard disk. However, my wireless internet driver wouldn't compile on it, and that left me stuck without an internet connection on Ubuntu. Every time i wanted to download something for Ubuntu, i had to restart into Windows, and then restart back into Ubuntu. And, i...
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Sun xVM VirtualBox

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I've completely got VirtualBox set up by now, and i also have Ubuntu completely installed and Guest Additions on it. I have to say, this VirtualBox is good stuff. Though i've never used VMWare, i don't know what more you could want from VM software than what this does. Plus, it's free, open-source, and installs on just about any...
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I guess i better create a blog entry for this. Last night, i got OneBar 2 pre-alpha 1 uploaded to SourceForge. So far, i've gotten a whopping 2 downloads on it!! </sarcasm>

I guess that's all folks.

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