Playing with VBnext (Roslyn) features.

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Playing with VBnext (Roslyn) features.

Select Case Type Of

This make the already powerful Select Case statement, even more powerful.

Now you can us like in more of match exp with expression of Nemerle and F#.


Views, but no comments

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Fake/accidental views?

Over 1.3k views, only comments by my favorite Mod.. I miss my modi123, where are you anyway ? :(

'll admit I've been neglecting this thread and i've been posting on another site more often, I actually get feedback/views/replies haha. But I'm partial to this site so I'm making the effort of keeping it...


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Did you know that you have many things to do with your console? Exploring and playing with this programming languages is more fun, like what I did, I made a graphics using C++, here's my code! Enjoy this one ^^ .



code v3

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Why So Many Web Languages?

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To a person with little experience in web design/development, it can be hard to take that first step in the learning process. There are a great many aspects to web development, and a number of different languages that are used to achieve different things, so it's very easy to feel bombarded with information. This tutorial is meant to be an...


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Okay so I was playing with strings and arrays and wanted to see if I could make a mock registration screen :D

Half way there, I can take the user's name and a mock date of birth (stored as a string, not actually date data that will come next)
I was having trouble with a y/n option but in the end decided to use an array and cleaned up the if...

Rules of code

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Hi Everyone!
Right now, I need to set some rules straight.
The CC, Is under my name, and also, anything that comes on here, that does not come with a separate CC domain MUST follow these CC Guidelines.
You must follow these guidelines, or, you Will be blacklisted from my Blog, and also, you will not be able to use my services.
thank you so...

See You Code Cowboy

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I do believe that I have overstayed my welcome here at Dreamincode. It's time for this cowboy to saddle up and ride off into the dusty sunset. I recon the sherriffs in town don't take too kindly to my kind here. Sho nuff, when the sherriff ain't liking you, it's time to head west. Only a matter of time 'fore a standoff....

Hardware Limitations

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So I spent some time messing around in UE4 last week as promised. Unfortunately, what I found is that my computer just wasn't up to the job. Amazing, because it's a pretty beefy computer. 16gb RAM, 8-core AMD FX-8140, and a Radeon HD 7970. It only got bad though when I loaded a large number of objects.

So I started building a new...

Memoization Example (Python)

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Memoization :wikipedia

..that sounds ok.

What?! Although, within the bold text lies hidden the 'meaning of life'! Let's skip passed it..

The notion of tabling is good, but this will make more sense after the example.

This is much better, although the use of the word function...

JavaScript And The GPU And Realtime[Discussion]

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I hear that some people think that rendering to the canvas is the most time consuming part of a realtime app but on a good graphics card and smart programming it can become a minor part of the app with logic taking more time than rendering. There are some important tricks to using a GPU that without some low level experience can be missed and lead...

Everything is done wrong

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Everything in software is done wrong. This is because, by the time you know how to do it right, you've already done it. The only exception is when you do the same thing over and over - and that's a DRY violation, and so wrong by definition.

Counting Number Frequency In Java

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Over the past couple weeks I have noticed a lot of students asking questions about counting number frequencies. The student is often generating, or asked to take in input, and count how many times a series of numbers appear in the data. Sometimes they are given a file for the input and other times they are asked to take in numbers entered by the...

Advanced Login System in Vb using Simple Codes

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Welcome Everyone. This is My first Tutorial in dream in code. I will tell you about how to create an advanced log in system in Visual Basic. This is not the type of tutorial that are present in web. It really works out

Advantages of this Login System

1. User- Friendly
2. Not Complex Codes

* I want to tell you that there are two methods to...

Receive sms through gsm modem

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first of all i thanks to modi123_1 and macosxnerd101 for telling me about rule one.

moving on . i've found a software that does what i wanted and more its called sms enabler.

how to use

  • read the documentation

link to the the documentation

thank you

Operational registration system

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I fixed my earlier problem(thanks to a lot of help from members of the forum), and now the registration system is functional. However, at this point, my partner told me not to implement a login system because we won't need it for a while. Looks like it's back to working on the Pokedex!

For anyone wondering, here is a quote from my...

Plankton v1.4

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I know I said that 1.3 was the last version, but I just couldn't resist adding one last feature, and tarting a few things up, just to finish off.

Main new features:
-Currents have been added. These bosh the plankton around, but are heavily reliant on the new viscosity property of the water (used to be plankton deceleration). 3D mode is a bit...

A Tale of Two Recruiters

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I get hit up on LinkedIn on a weekly basis. Are you interested in coming to work for us kind of thing. I'm not looking at the moment, so I tend to ignore or respond with a positive thanks, but not right now.

Earlier last week I got a wild hair and decided to respond to two I got. One was absolutely rediculous and the other quite professional....

How Microsoft Could Dominate Everything With Windows 9

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This isn't a Windows 8 hate post since everyone (including Microsoft) already knows it was a mistake, this is just hope that Windows 9 could complete the cycle of every-other-Windows you sometimes hear people mention. Skipping Windows Vista for the next one was a thing, so Microsoft probably has one more chance to dominate the market like in...
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