Review of "Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery" Book Set

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As a programmer always thirsty to learn new tech, I also love to get a refresher and learn something new in the process. That is why a couple of times a month I go to the local bookstore (Chapters here in Canada) and browse many of the new books in stock. Over the last few years especially, the computer book section has gotten a bit sparse. It...

An In-Depth Look At Tries

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Two years, one month, and 1 week since the last one of these. This time I donít have an excuse, I really need to do these more often.


Many moons ago, I wrote about suffix arrays...

Keystroke City

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Even if you are fond of your mouse there are certain keyboard combinations that should be used to significantly improve day-to-day efficiency.

The one in particular that puzzles me, because so few people are aware of it, is to press Ctrl-Backspace...

Don't Let Criticism Stop You From Helping Others

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Batch user adding

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These are a few helpful command to add users
FYI, you need to run these in admin for it to work

Add a normal user

Add a normal user w/ password change restrictions
To set restrictions change PASSWORDCHG to yes or no
net user username password /ADD /PASSWORDCHG:Yes

A thought about "white nationalism"

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Here we go again. I read in the Times that people are asking themselves "What, exactly, is white nationalism?"

Really? People have to ask this question? I thought it was pretty simple: "white nationalism" is when a Klansman takes off his robe and hood and puts on a suit and tie. White nationalism is a racist with a college...

[Pt 7] Eggs MessageBox

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This is going to be similar to the Cheese MessageBox Form. Create a new Form

Form (Cheese)
BackColor: Firebrick
FormBorderStyle: FixedSingle
Text: Eggs
Name: frmEggs
MaximumSize: 356, 145
MinimumSize: 356, 145
Size: 356, 145
ControlBox: False
SizeGripStyle: Hide
TopMost: True

As the Cheese MessageBox Form...

First trial - Code to exploit a bug in webpage

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I was testing a web site and found a bug, when I press CTRL+F5, it performs a previous action, say if I click submit button for forgot password, which sends a temporary password. After the confirmation that a temporary password is send to the email,I press CTRL+F5 and repeats sends the reset password again.

This is just a ameature stuff, nothing...


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Title: MsgBox
Description: A little app that allows you to learn a bit and play with Messageboxes
Link: https://drive.google...Q012b0FOcWZmdUk
Link: https://drive.google...NGs?usp=sharing

Object Oriented Programming: Python my way

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This is a response to Object Oriented Programming, going forward known as OOP, as presented in a popular resource.

Probably one of the books most recommended to beginning Python programmers is Zed Shaw's Learn Python the Hard Way. I've probably recommended it myself. Overall, it's a good place to start... But the ...

Whatever happened to the other mobile form factors?

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The mobile handset market offers everyone a plethora of options to choose from. For every price range there are, at a minimum, half a dozen good handsets to choose from. Due to the consolidation in the mobile OS space, everyone is on equal footing with respect to the apps available. So the differentiator should be the hardware right? Wrong!...

LandTraveller - Finally on Steam Greenlight

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Image reduced in size

Steam Greenlight Page: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=744567507
Website: http://landtraveller.com/...

Lexical Analysis - Required?

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If you have read any material on compiler creation then you know that there is essentially 2 phases of a compiler:
  • Front End
  • Back End

With both phases having multiple mini-phases. The front end will typically be comprised of a 3 mini-phases:
  • Lexical Analysis
  • Syntax Analysis
  • Semantic Analysis


Excuse Delay

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Sorry for the hold up but I am realizing how bad of an idea this was. I made a blog thinking I was doing a tutorial. I failed at both <_< . I noticed this while I was making the application and made a change in a previously posted code. I thought I could just make a new post but then it hit me. So here I am. I will later make a new blog that...

Thoughts on mutliplayer games

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My current side project is an electronic TCG. Ideally this type of game should be a multiplayer game. Making a game multiplayer can be a daunting task. There are a lot of variables that you need to keep in mind when designing a multiplayer game. What protocol will you use for the game. Are you going to go with a client/server, peer to peer or...

c# studying

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well I am still studying my c# book

Spreadsheets for coding long portions of boredom

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If you have seen my most recent topic...


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I am James Delorn Howland Jr. I do owe company apology because I accidentally ask the same question on my Straight Line Depreciation Table in Visual Basic program. The reason is because the tutor explaination in my opinion confused me real. I like to how many questions I could ask weekly. If I get a tutor to explain to me in a different way I...
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