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Should Computers Say They're Sorry?

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I was reading an extract from a text book

This extract makes me think of a few things, firstly, the people I work with thinks I'm crazy when the hear/see me speaking to my computer. Just imagine, what they would think if they heard my computer talk back to me :bigsmile:
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Week 2 of 52 Week Challenge - XNA

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sixofeleven's challenge, is definitely that, a challenge.

For one, you have to have Visual C#. I have that, VS2008, but then you also need XNA installation from the microsoft site. That would not be a major issue, if only my computer at work would allow me to download that.

The best a beginner in game dev could do is create a sprite, in...
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Week 1 of 52 Week Challenge - jQuery

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I was so excited at seeing this new concept of learning something new or improving our knowledge on what we thought we were good at.

For the first week it was jQuery, and I thought why not give it a try, and I found out a few things. I started coding with jquery using VS2008 web developer. This program works good for standard html, but then I...
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My current tutorials

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First piece of code

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It definitely took a while to get this right, battling it away and fretting over it, and by some luck managed to get a working code. However to get the code to be in sync with the GUI environment, will come into play later.

So far, this is what I have, the odbc connection:

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Is there a need?

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I did a bit or research and asked a few of the buyers at work what they of a more user friendly program to utilise with regards to accessing cartridge information from the computer. Well, most of the buyers got new computers, so I'm thinking they are at a disadvantage compared to my piece of crap they call a computer. I got two different...
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My First Project? What is it about?

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Well, at work, every once a month, we send out a request for quote for the various printer cartridges, that we use, which lists up to 130 somewhat cartridges. By the time the quotation closes, we got about 25 - 30 suppliers quoting for these 130 different cartridges. Every month, I'm the one left with the responsibility of capturing this...
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My First Blog Entry

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Hello people, and welcome to my blog. I don't claim to be an expert or have vast knowledge in anything. This blog is for me to work on some of my future projects and I also wish to share what information I put up here for others to read, comment and other feedback would really be appreciated from anyone, experts and beginners alike.


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