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Project Aperantos

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So we've all been messing around down here at good ole New Mexico Tech, playing FFIX and got severely distracted by the card game. We eventually wanted to remake the card game for computers, then decided that was too simple of a project, then messed around with some M:TG, wanting to make that. We were then confronted by the problem of complexity: to make a game like Magic for the computer, one would need a way of implementing a dynamic system so that you could obtain the diversity found in the actual game.

We decided we would either need to implement a scripting language or a modular system, we chose the latter because we soon realized that a modularized engine could be used for any application.

And thus from the collective hands of myself (Joshua Barron), Dark_Nexus (Justin Kenworthy), and TallWhiteNinja (Bradley Brown), Project απέραντος - from Greek, meaning limitless - began.

We're seeking to make Aperantos a fully modularized, object-oriented, type safe, extendable and robust engine. When the core engine components are created (and development is moving at a very satisfactory pace), we hope to open-source the project and make the engine fully modifiable and available to the public.

My blog will serve as a project blog from this point foward, so stay tuned.

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skyhawk133 Icon

24 October 2006 - 07:11 PM
Very nice... every developers dream :)
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