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I'm Baaaack!

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After a delay of a couple months of inactivity here I'm back. While browsing through some email I came across something called National Novel Writing Month, and I was hooked. So for the month of November I was typing like mad every day trying to meet the goal of a 50,000 word "book" in 30 days. I met the goal, then slid right...
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Pushing On

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I'm working through creating a connection to an Access database using VB.NET. I did it in another personal project, I just need to recall how to do it. I have a connection established, it's just a matter of configuring it properly now so I can display everything I want to on the Race selection form. I may have that part of it complete...
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Moving Along. . .

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So I was interested by rockstar_'s comment last night and snagged a copy of MySQL Community 5.026. So far I'm following the tutorial pretty well but I think for now I'll stick to the graphical interface provided by Access. Perhaps a later version will use a MySQL backend, because I like the thought of "the sky's the...
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Character Creation (Race), Part I

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I'm starting my pen-and-paper thinking of how I'm going to lay out the character creation forms. Since my work's on paper (how I think best right now), I'll try to describe my thought process in words so you can follow along.

I'm doing this planning with the manual open so I'm making certain not to miss little details. ...
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Posting Files?

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Is there a way to post files to a blog? Kind of like a file repository folder or something? I'm interested in saving current versions of my project to the site for others to see, but the closest thing I see is "Insert Image". Am I missing something, or is this by design? I guess it's one of the perks of membership, perhaps. ...
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Black Sabbath, Jr.?

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I was struck when I heard Wolfmother's song, "Woman", on the radio recently. When it started I was for sure it was an obscure Black Sabbath song, but the more I heard, the less it sounded like Ozzy. Also, the more I heard, the more I liked the music. What gets me is their sound is so similar to both Black Sabbath and Deep Purple,...
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Adding After Action Reviews

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If Army life's taught me one important lesson, it's to be on time. If it's taught me another, it's that there is power in reviewing the elements of an exercise and to make sure lessons learned remain in our memories. I'm going to add another category to cover this:

AAR. The After Action Review, or AAR, will be my way of...
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Brass Tacks - Character Creation

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Deep breath, and in I go. Look out, wild and wacky world of application design; here I come!

I guess I'll start with the core component of my Campaign Creator, the character creation tool. I've tried creating this one before and have had varying amounts of success, but hopefully I'll be able to get it right this time. Here are...
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Test For Echo

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As I've stated a couple other times, I am encouraging more experienced programmers to drop in and critique my thinking and planning methods. I am not averse to getting anyone's input (although I may not *heed* it), but I certainly welcome thoughts from those who have been programming much longer than I.

Feel free to drop your comments as...
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My Conventions

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This post will just describe some of the things I hope to do (and how I'm going to do them) while I'm doing it.


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