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New Semester New Language

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Here I am again at my local community college starting a new semester.
With this new semester comes a new language; Visual Basic.
From what we have done already, it seems to be a very simple language
to use when creating web apps and GUI's, thus the "Basic" :)

I will use this...
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Second Entry 11/3/08

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I'm in class right now ( Intro to Java: doing error catches ) and I've been thinking about other things.....

The basis of government in this country (USA) is starting to parallel most religions nowadays. There is no proof that the candidate that you choose will do the right thing for this country. The same can be said about religion, no...
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First Entry 10/27/2008

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This is my first "actual" blog entry here in DIC. I guess this would be a good time to talk about something that has happened to me recently. MY WIFE IS A PREGGER!!! Thats right, there is going to be another little me walking around! I am very happy, and yet scared to death. We've been wanting a child since we...
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Mailing Label Project

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Here is a project that we did today in class that will create a mailing label for the information given.
It is a good way to learn how to use the Tokenizer and String formatting methods.
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Class Average

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Here is a program that teaches the programmer about arrays.

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